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Fishing With Confidence

Destroying Bass Fishing Myths

To excel at the sport, anglers simply cannot settle for philosophy unworthy of the status of true, profitable bass fishing knowledge. Efficiency, enthusiasm, and the confidence of accuracy are all necessary to successful and consistently successful bass fishing. Achieving them all results from Destroying Bass Fishing Myths and finding the truth. And in your hands is not only the only effort to find it, but an exhaustive and successful one. The result will help every bass angler… Fish with Confidence!

Fishing With Confidence:  Self Confidence for A Sport That Demands It by Author/Bass Angler John Mark Warren, defines what it takes to be a competent practitioner of the sport, while it exposes the many challenges that stand in the way of maintaining an enduring and useable on the water confidence. Bass fishing confidence can be acquired, and every serious bass angler wants and needs it. John shows you how to not only get it, but to keep it as well.”

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