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  • I like and read this quarterly informative magazine and like it’s layout. But I am not here to talk on it’s content; I am here to speak on it’s Excellent Customer Service. I have been getting this magazine for about 4 years or so; but this year I have been busy and never fully noticed that I had missed some issues. On 27 December Mark Lassagne called and told me he was the Editor for BAM and wanted to verify my address with him knowing I had not received the magazine. He asked when was the last time I remembered getting the mag and I said I thought it was Spring 2012. Anyway I gave my address to him and on the 30 December I received the last 4 issues. I find this type of customer service in this day and age hard to find. Great job and great magazine, keep up all the hard work. Wyoming Blu on facebook
  • Of all the bass mags out there BAM is by far the best! I just subscribed for two more years. Thanks for the great gift  Jeff
  • Love the publication! You guys do a kick ass bass mag.  Now I just need a similar Striper magazine and all my afflictions will be well covered… Jeff

  • I feel that BAM is one of the best magazines on the shelf. They go more into detail in describing whats new and whats improved in the fishing world of today. There articles are very descriptive and professional. They also follow most of the top notch fishing pro’s and circuits. Jim on facebook

  • I have to say after getting my first issue today, it is one of the best, informative, illustrated mag I have ever purchased. You hit it right on with this magazine. Great work and lots more I know I will enjoy in the future. Ty for your time and knowledge for pursuing what you like and pass on to others, Plain and simple…job well done!!! Preciate it Mark.
  • Mark Nowell Love BAM, one of the best mags on the market, give it a look and I think U’ll agree!!
  • John Rodgers Way to go. It’s great a bass magazine that would put such an article in it. Praying for you and all veterans.
  • Billy Peek feels like a long time since I had one in my mailbox. Hurry and get it here…best dang bass fishin rag ever…

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  • Nate Follmer Love the app on my phone! Great work!
  • James Smiley I registered for the magazine on my ipad. Love it!
  • Maj Cody Roberson Great magazine–LOVE IT!
  • Richard Moschella $8.00 is well worth all the Bass fishing information in each issue! It’s cheaper them most lures we buy and will give you an edge on the water!
  • Just a note to let you know that I am very happy with my new three year subscription for my son-in-law. He has already received his first issue here in Australia, and he commented again about the interesting articles in your magazine. He particularly liked the ultra violet light one, and has already visited one of your featured websites on lures. It has given me so much pleasure to give him something he really likes. Thank-you very much for all the work and consideration you put into your great magazine. Regards, Rita.
  • June 2012 If you haven’t seen this quarters issue of BAM your missing out (SUMMER 12). The Editor & Chief Mark Lassagne is on the inside of the cover wearing a MarineBassAnglers Coalition Tournament Shirt and helping us raise awareness all across the country in newsstands everywhere. If you didn’t know, 1) Mark is a Marine and 2) Mark is a Coalition Pro Staffer of the organization and is representing us in the FLW and is the Chief Editor of BAM. Mark is doing great things for the organization. If you’re not a subscriber to BAM…you need to be. We help and support those the support our mission.  Army Bass Anglers
  • I absolutely love this magazine. Look forward to getting it more than any publication I get. Keep up the great work BAM!  Mike
  • I took home a magazine for him. He was thrilled with the content. His comment was that the Australian magazines were dominated with articles about “who caught what, where”, and very little learning, and new tips. Thank-You Again Rita
  • After having had a chance now to start reading through several back issues, I’m delighted with your magazine after having discovered it through a fishing buddy in Mississippi. My friend said it had great info with less ad clutter than Bassmaster. He was right. It has a great mix overall of just what I’m looking for.
    I’ve bass fished seriously since the mid-80’s and have been a member of B.A.S.S. since before then, but for whatever reason never checked out your publication. I’m delighted to have discovered your magazine and look forward to each upcoming issue in my new subscription.  Best regards,  Jim
  • Wow, that turned article turned out GREAT!  Thank you for sending me the digital copies.    Let me know if you need any contributions for the 2012 editions of BAM.  I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to BAM, its a great magazine you are doing and I really appreciate what you are doing to shape bass fishing.   BAM is constructive and a positive in the realm of media, and it needs to be said.  I’m totally onboard with contributing stuff when you need.   I am rarely at a lack for words!!!
  • Thanks Mark.  I really enjoy your magazine.  I find that the articles have relevance to me and I like to utilize the information when I am fishing. John Williams
  •  I finally had the time to read through the copy you sent me and I must say that I am very impressed with it’s original content and unique/interesting articles, much nicer than the same old information.  For example: the article on “Can Bass Smell Gas, Garlic, Coffee, Anise?”. Information that can really be used and probably is not often actually thought of,,,   I find it very cool indeed. Russ
  • I can’t wait for the fall issue.  The last issue I got from the stand it was the first time I’ve seen your magazine in Canada and honestly its probably one of the best magazines that I’ve read.  Thanks again.  J

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  • Mark, One thing about real winners that’s consistent is they’re humble, and always looking to improve.  Asking me where the magazine can be improved…uh, get the point? .  What BAM’s doing is the next frontier of bass fishing.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the major publications – Bassmaster/FLW – are just starting to do the kind of “reality reporting” of the sport within the last year and a half.  I do a lot of research for my work, and I have noticed!  It hasn’t been there before; it’s just starting to be fashionable.When I see sub-titles in BAM like “Pros know that they don’t need every type of lure they have, only the one the fish are calling for (the Charlie Weyer article),” and an article on “Fish Tales:  Do Bass Really Smell” challenging conventional wisdom, I’m intrigued! Then the in-depth rod building, the study of bass movements, pro angler interviews, and organization articles, well, that’s meat an ever-growing contingency of advanced bass anglers want, and BAM delivers. I mean, how many times can anglers be shown how to tie/rig a Carolina rig or fish topwaters?!No doubt, reporting the truth is risky when advertisers are involved; it’s a delicate industry balance to be sure.  But I like BAM’s stand!  Truth and reality are attractive, and they’ll produce the best, longest lasting fruit.  It just takes the courage to stand on it. That’s what Fishing With Confidence is all about.  I want to get a few issues to further evaluate, but if this first issue is any indication, BAM kicks it!!  Those words wouldn’t come out of my mouth if I didn’t mean it.BAM Warrior, J.M.
  •  You have a great magazine. The best out there, I wish it was 6 or 10 issues! So much info, Thanks Fred
  • Mark, I wanted to once again thank you for the presentation at the Marine in Dixon, CA. I “re-read” your article about Matching the Hatch (Summer 2011) and see your observations clearly now. Also, I did some research of my own on your approach to water and see that summer deep water is the key. You really gave us some valuable information which I picked up on and will use the next time I am on the water. Point: I sent a subscription of the magazine to my brother in law in Southern CA as a Christmas gift. Those who love bass fishing appreciate the value of the many articles. Best wishes for continue success. Howard & Bette, Davis, CA.
  • From a subscriber that missed a couple issues David said, Perfect, I am enjoying the summer issue and never want to miss one again. Best magazine on the market!
  • I received my copy of BASS ANGLER MAGAZINE TODAY. Thanks for the sticker that came with the magazine copy. I have around 1200 bass fishing magazines and BASS ANGLER magazine is got to have the most articles on how-to’s than any magazine out there. More fishing articles means 5 of the biggest bass in your live-well. Kevin from facebook
  • P.S….BAM has been an awesome addition to my bass fishing knowledge bank. I subscribed to it in 2010 and since then I have increased my bass catching abilities by 200%. If there is anyone out there who is interested in reading the most informative articles available,look no further,Bass Angler Magazine is the premier resource. Kevin from facebook
  • Enjoyed the article entitled “The Women’s Side of Bass Tournaments”. Allen Teer did a good job! Interesting to read the different thoughts of four different women involved in the sport. This was my first time to read Bass Angler Magazine, and I certainly enjoyed it! Look forward to reading more! 🙂 Dana facebook
  •  If you want to explore new tactics – explore tactics of successful people- this is a MUST read……TONS of articles/informative/GREAT reading….worth every penny and then some…!!! Barb
  • Mark, I just want to thank you for putting forth a most superior product in that of Bass Angler Magazine. I am not one who “writes in” such as this. But with my being so impressed with Bass Angler, I had to send an email with words of encouragement to “keep up the good work”.
    I live in Georgia, am an avid angler, and literally subscribe to every fishing resource I can to stay up to date, and to feed the hobby J. That said, in most magazines, you can usually find one article informative, and if fishing is your hobby, then the rest at least entertaining—even if much of it is an article to try to promote a sponsor.
    YOUR magazine however… wow. There is simply no comparison. I normally bend down pages on articles or information I want to re-visit on the cold days to be mindful of again. Your magazine, while yes it is entertaining, but more important to the casual and fervent angler… your product is extremely informative, not only in product updates, but techniques that carry those products to the lake with you. Needless to say, my “bent down corners” of Bass Angler makes for an attention grabber on the shelf. All said, I truly wish you the best of success with Bass Angler Magazine. It is obvious to anyone who reads it, that it is a product that has been well thought out for the intent of truly helping the fellow fisherman, from fellow fishermen. It’s what our sport should be. Take a novice, give him your magazine, and with it alone, he can find a home in his hobby.  Billy from Georgia
  • Your totally welcome! thank you again! your magazine alone has improved my bass fishing more than I could ever have dreamed of and it gets better with every information packed issue that comes out. Its just awesome to have the pro’s really teaching you how to be a better angler in every aspect. Thanks again Shawn
  • Mark, This is my 2nd issue and again I felt compelled to say thank you for all of the effort you put in to this periodical. It is simply a fantastic magazine, done with great intent and I am very pleased I finally got on board. I have life memberships with BASS and the NAFC, subscribe to FLW but this is by far, head and shoulders above their offerings. If you ever decide to add a long term / life membership, please let me know! Thanks again Mark, and of course all the contributing staff members. Keep up the GREAT work. Mike
  • Nathan commented: “It reminds me of how Bassmaster Magazine use to be when I was a kid, thick with a lot of info and articles.”
  • Mark I received my first issue of BAM and I have to say I am very impressed.  It is one of the most informative fishing magazines I have ever come across.  I have already told a few of my friends that they are missing out by not having a subscription!  Thanks for all the fine work and again great magazine.”
  • Hi, Mark. I’m already impressed by your magazine. As I wrote in my post, I’ve never seen a fishing magazine so chocked full of useful, interesting articles. Regards,Joe Haubenreich President Secret Weapon Lures, Inc.
  • Brian posted: “Hey Mark, Love the mag. I will definitely be dropping my sub in the mail.”
  • I just wanted to take a second and tell you, I randomly found your mag subscription and ordered it on a whim. Thanks for making a magazine worth reading. This next issue will be my fourth, and I have read each one cover to cover, impressive!!!!! There was an article in early spring with Bill Siemental talking about soft jerk baits, and the zones of the bass. Well I am a huge fluke guy… long story short, phenomenal day at the club tourney at lake Hodges. Overall 5 fish limit was at 18.35 with an 8 1/2lb kicker ( all on my own hand pours ) and I am man enough to admit, if it wasn’t for your magazine… that day may have never been, THANKS!
  • Sent by: Steve Message: I received my issue two days ago and now I’m hooked. I was amazed at the quantity and diversity of articles. My only criticism is that you only publish quarterly. I am almost finished with this issue and will have to wait nearly 90 days for the next issue.
  • Sent by: Vincent Message: BAM(Mark et al), What a great job you guys do at BAG!!! I signed up for my subscription on Sunday and received my first issue Tuesday. Incredible! My other bass magazine usually shows up 2-3 months late, if at all. Keep up the hard work. It is appreciated. What a quality magazine
  • Mark My name is Hal , Boise, Id. Just finished reading the 2009 issue 3 of Bass Anglers Guide. Great magazine, keep it up. I purchased the magazine from Western Marine, Nampa, Id. Especially enjoyed the article, “Feeling Froggy” by Dan Wells. Any way to contact him for a few questions?
  • Again, great job with the magazine, informative articles, your efforts are appreciated. Thanks,Hal
  • Sent by: Alex Message: Just got my first issue of BAM. I know Mike Van Guilder Jr. and He recommended your publication, but It took a month for me to get over the subscription price vs. issue quantity. That was until I bought a news stand copy from The Bait Barn. Your Magazine is packed! and I mean packed with the most relevant articles. Your articles on Spoons, Fizzing and winter tactics are essentials. I also was entertained by the Al Linder story. The issue also has part III of a night fishing article, I’m still looking for parts I and II on the internet. Great work!
  • Hi my name Jake my old address was was Oceanside ca 92081…. I just moved my new address is snow hill MD 21863. Please let me know that u got this, I don’t want to miss any issues. Thanks for making a mag that’s worth looking forward to. Thanks JAKE
  • Hi Mark, its been some time since we fished together. I was happy to get your latest BAM issue. It’s really a wonderful magazine. Thanks for all the work you put into it. I also enjoyed the profile part where someone interviewed you. You really came across well. I have never met Gina or your children but she must be a wonderful person.
  • I received my magazine today and I have to say your right it is an awesome magazine from front to back. Actually articles worth reading and not a lot of flipping from advertisement to advertisement page after page. Just wanted to say thanks for the magazine and we’ll keep in touch.
  • Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop commented:Thanks Mark! Got the Bass Angler Magazine Yesterday and put them in the front of the store. I highly recommend them to our customers as I feel it has the best content and most bass fishing articles from cover to cover than any other Mag.”
  • I got the magazine in the mail today. First off I would like to say I thought the article was well written and layed out very nicely. Thanks again. Sincerely, Aaron Martens
  • Jim posted wrote: “Hi Mark – Got the BAM today, great job and I look forward to reading it from front to back then back to front! Great articles and photos -“
  • Message: Hey Mark love the magazine and the variety of content you have.
  • Mark, I just want to let you know that Marcantonio has gone above and beyond whatever you pay him for his articles. I had a Structure Scan question for him, he sent me diagrams and tips that have helped me greatly. I hope you keep him writing for you. I’ve been getting BAG for a few years, I originally bought it to look for the Columbia river articles. I ended up fishing with Bob Adkinson and lipping his biggest largemouth for him. Your magazine has gotten better every year, keep up the good work and great writers. Thanks, Mike
  • Hey Guys, We all just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the layout on our stuff in the products section of the new BAM. Really appreciate the help. You really turn out a great magazine. You just can’t find another one with as many articles as the BAM. We just renewed our annual ad with your new ad sales guy.
  • Wow, Mark! The David Swendseid AUC article was by far my favorite part of the new edition. Its different, interesting, and a breath of fresh air. No disrespect to the other anglers featured, but David’s candid answers were heartwarming and damn right inspirational.
  • It’s unfortunate that the fishing culture still has these elements (racial tension) that makes it hard for some of us to do what we love. I guess the only positive is that when the lessons learned are taught to the new kids coming up, that the future will be better for it. Thank you, Mark. Please inform David, he has a new fan. Andrew
    • Mark, I received the magazine and have finished reading it. I found it very enjoyable and will be mailing a couple checks with mailing info. I will subscribing for myself and for my dad. I was going to send on the magazine you sent to me to him, but I think I will keep it so I will surprise him with a subscription. Now for my thoughts on the magazine. First, I really like the advertisements, yall have some different gear available out there and I like to see what is new in different parts of the county. Second, I enjoyed the articles written by pros with detailed information, specifying what they use in an exact situation. However, one of your authors was writing about swimbaits and was reluctant to share which baits he preferred. I did not like that article and found the author’s explanation to be an irritating cop out. I liked the articles about night fishing and found the ninja article amusing. Some of the more basic columns about intro to fishing stuff were not my style, but I understand you have to do those sorts of things to expand your base appeal. I did notice typos and grammar errors throughout the magazine, which I found somewhat off-putting as someone who does a fair amount of professional writing. Finally, I have a couple of ideas for recurring articles that I think would greatly appeal to your core subscribers. One would focus on pre-fishing, and would focus on one of your writers who is also a tournament pro and would give an in depth look at his pre-fishing process as he scouts various lakes immediately before competition. The other idea is kind of the complete opposition of Bassmaster’s day on the lake article, which I am sure you are aware is their most popular. I think your readers would be entertained by one of your writers who is not a touring pro going to different major lakes and rivers where tournaments are held and going through a single day of fishing in detail as the writer attempts to put together a limit. Anyhow, those are my thoughts, thanks again for the magazine and my check will be in the mail this weekend.