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Summertime is here again. Time to get back on the water from dawn ‘til dusk … or maybe through the warm night. Enjoy the wonderful weather and some great fishing action. And BAM has you covered with all you need to know to catch more and bigger fish this warm and sunny season.

Tim Horton is regarded as a formidable competitor, especially when wielding a crankbait rod and using his signature series of baits, the Z-Boss from Azuma. The Bass Pro Shops pro breaks down his system for a successful day of deep crankbaiting.

Ever wonder what it takes to work your way up through grassroots derbies to pro-level tournament circuits? MLF rookie and Bass Cat Boats pro Tai Au recaps his ascension to the tippy top.

The Wild West Bass series has built a foundation over the past 6 years for professional anglers to showcase their skills and marketability to a global audience. Now, they are embarking into uncharted waters with a new professional tour that will be launching the spring of 2021—APEX Cup.

As spring turns into summer, you don’t have to stop sight fishing altogether. With some adjustments, Shaw Grigsby explains how the same basic tactics that duped big bedding bass can be a tournament winner long after the spawn is gone.

Most working stiffs are relegated to fishing on the weekend, and unfortunately, that’s when the armada of pleasure boats and jet skis invade our lakes. But top pros like Mark Rose have devised a plan to deal with the bedlam created by everything from jet skis to ocean-going cruisers.

From tackle reviews to electronics, kayaking to guiding, tournament news to junk fishing, East to West and North to South—it’s all here in BAM’s Summer issue.

Bass Angler Magazine profiles the latest seasonal tips, techniques, and tactics from the world’s best anglers, broken down in an easy-to-understand format. Now everyone can catch fish like a pro, regardless of the season.

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