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NEW Vursa Braid by Fitzgerald Fishing

Designed and tested in the big bass lakes of Florida, the Fitzgerald Vursa Braided Line is made with a higher number of weaves per-inch to ensure incredible strength and smoothness.  Vursa Braid is a specially engineered 8-strand braid, rather than the standard 4- or 6-strands, which make it more round, smoother, quieter, and extremely strong.

Fitzgerald Vursa Braided Line is also black in color so it blends in with the natural environment. This makes it harder for the fish to see, which in turn gets you more and bigger bites.  Vursa Braid is made with a proprietary process that makes it UV-resistant and allows it to hold its color longer and prevents it from fading as quickly as other braided lines.  Built for doing some of the toughest jobs in bass fishing, Fitzgerald Vursa Braided Line is great for flipping, pitching, frogging, and everything in between. More from Fitzgerald Fishing

Line Diameter 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb
Inches .0011 .0013 .0014 .0015 .0017
Millimeters .28 .33 .37 .40 .44
Mono Equivalent 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 16lb

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