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New Rating System for College Bass Anglers

NSR 5 Star Angler powered by Favorite Fishing USA

NSR Fishing and Favorite Fishing USA have partnered to present the NSR 5 Star Angler powered by: Favorite Fishing USA. In the recruiting world, 5 Star Athletes are thought of as the complete all-around athlete that any coach across the country would want to play for their team. These athletes demonstrate many things including motivation, passion, focus, resiliency, and competitive spirit towards their sports. With the continued growth in the sport of bass fishing, you are seeing high school anglers demonstrate these same attributes. Anglers across the country are becoming students of the game as they are spending more and more time studying the lakes, weather patterns, fish migrations, etc. to compete at the highest level.

With NSR Fishing promoting high school anglers to colleges and preparing them for successful careers within the sport and Favorite Fishing with their motto “Future of Fishing” both companies are dedicated to progressing the sport of bass fishing. You’ve seen it in other sports like football, baseball, and basketball when you see a 5 star, 4 Star, or even 3 Star athlete commit to a college. NSR Fishing and Favorite Rods are bringing a similar ranking system to the sport of bass fishing. This ranking system will show the complete all-around angler and that’s what colleges and companies within the fishing industry want to see.

NSR Fishing has developed a power ranking system based on 8 factors. The student angler needs to excel in the following areas:

1.    Wins & Finishes
2.    Academics
3.    Social Media Activity
4.    Sponsorship or Fundraising Participation
5.    Evaluation Video
6.    Captain’s Scouting Report
7.    Conservation Awareness
8.    Time on the Water

As you can see, it’s more than just fishing. The dedication from anglers and the continued growth of the sport of bass fishing is the reason why NSR Fishing and Favorite Fishing USA have come together to begin evaluating anglers. If you think you are one of the best anglers in the country or can hold your own against the best, go to nsrfishing.com and complete the 5 Star Angler application today so you can see how you stack up against the rest!

About Favorite Fishing
Our mission is to offer the best and highest quality products available to the fishing industry. Favorite Fishing USA is unmatched in design, weight, construction, price, and warranty. We specialize in rods but also carry a line of reels and apparel. Our American design team has worked with the best designers around the globe to ensure our product is unrivaled and stands above the rest.

About National Scouting Report
Since 1980, NSR’s mission has been to help match student-athletes and college coaches with the best fit for their futures and programs. We have now brought this mission to the sport of bass fishing. Our mission starts with high standards and ends with accountability. We’re dedicated to those fundamentals, and that drives us to provide college coaches with anglers who meet their standards and abilities by expecting the same values from our scouts and prospective student-anglers. As with any championship team, we work hard. Shortcuts aren’t in our blood or the NSR culture. NSR Fishing is providing FREE recruiting profiles for all high school anglers across the country. For additional information and to create your Prospective Student Angler profile visit us at NSRFISHING.COM.

For Additional Information or Questions please contact Larry Perrin with NSR Fishing at lperrin@nsr-inc.com or 1-870-623-4125

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