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MOLIX Starts a New Adventure

The Molix USA Office

Molix opens in U.S.A.

We just received the confirmation that the Molix U.S.A. Corporation is legally registered and it is in operation.

The Molix U.s.a Corporation is 100% owned by Pro Tackles Srl. Its objective is the diffusion, promotion and development of the brand MOLIX throughout the North America. It is a strategic asset for the company of Molinella, because it will open stimulating growth scenarios. It does not imply any relocation of the business, since it will be able to create new opportunities to those who believe in the project and Molix wants achieve it through a unique and extraordinarily rewarding work.

The Molix U.S.A. Corporation will focus primarily on the development of the synergies and the partnerships with u.s. companies of the same field, helping them to evolve in structural and lasting partnerships to operate in North America.

The appeal of the anglers for Molix’s products,helped by the recent agreements with retailers and chains such as Dick’s Sporting Goods (over 600 retail outlets) and Bass Pro Shop (more than 90 superstores), is at the heart of this new Corporation: it is a necessary start up in order to satisfy the expectations of the U.S. market, always attentive to the news and the high demand about fishing products.

Molix US Team

The Pro Tackles deploys his courage in terms of choices aimed at the business development, even in a historical period characterized by downturns that affect the agenda of many entrepreneurs.
Pro Tackles invests in skills,in the value of the ideas, in the team,in employees and in partner companies opened to the comparison and the sharing.

With this 2017 starts a new adventure: the first page of a book that has yet to be written.

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