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How-To Rig a Weedless Ned Rig

The Ned-rig is a highly popular technique that has exploded in the last few years and now virtually every major company makes offerings for the Ned Rig. One of the major draw backs to the Ned-rig, is that most of the jigheads use an exposed hook, which can snag quite easily and jigheads with weedguards only provide minimal snag resistance. This article will show you a different rigging method, also known as the Tiny Child Rig, that will allow you to fish a Ned-rig style presentation through almost any type of cover.

What’s Needed:

-Ned Worm
-Half Moon Style Nail Weight
-Small Worm Hook

Recommended Worms:
Nail Weights:

    Step 1: Tie on your Hook

    The first simple step to this rig is to tie your hook to the line using your preferred connection knot. Any worm hook will work for this rig, whether it’s a straight shank, offset, or EWG. The most important part is to select a hook that is appropriately sized for the soft plastic and line class you’re using.

    Step 2: Installing the Weight

    Next, install the weight into the head of your worm. Using a half moon or mushroom style Neko weight is going to create an exposed head on the worm, which allows you to feel what type of cover you’re fishing across and receive feedback that is similar to a jighead. Using a weight that is barbed or screw-in style is crucial and will also reduce accidental weight losses.

    Step 3: Rigging the Soft Plastic

    Rig the soft plastic worm on to the hook just like a regular Texas-rig worm but starting through the tail instead of the head, this will create a completely weedless Ned-rig worm. Since the weight is secured into the head and the line-tie of the hook is coming out of the tail, it keeps the tail of the worm pointed upward just like a Ned-rig fished on a jighead. This rig will allow you to fish through heavy cover, grass, and structure where traditional Ned-rigs would often get snagged.

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