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Molix the Italian based lure company is excited to announce it’s Golden Team USA.

The Molix Pro Staff Team will be responsible for the marketing and promotion of the ten-year-old, Italian based bait company, Molix, in the USA. MOLIX’s top quality, award winning Italian inspired products were first introduced to the US bass fishing market in 2010 by Mike Iaconelli with his signature ‘Lover Series’ baits and ‘Ike’s Signature Colors Series as well as Molix’s full line of spinner baits, wire baits and hollow body frogs.

Each angler on the Pro Staff Team will be working and promoting different aspects of the Italian based bait company’s line of tackle during the 2018 Elite Series season and FLW tour. Moving forward, they will also contribute to the development of innovative Molix USA products.

Mike Iaconelli

Mike is a South Philly native, now living in New Jersey. He’s had a passion for fishing since childhood and has been competing in fishing tournaments since high school. Since that time, Mike has won, or come near winning almost every major award in tournament bass fishing, most notably the 2003 Bassmaster Classic and 2006 Angler-of-the-Year awards.

Hobbies  Fishing, breakdancing, collecting old ink bottles, gardening, water polo, laser tag, candy making, ghost hunting, civil war reenactment, needlecraft, ham radio, macrame, playing the flute.

MIKE about Molix Lures: As Mike Iaconelli states about Molix wire baits: “really fine details, and when talking about details on a wire bait, I am not just talking about the lead head, but actual details on that head, a baitfish-looking head, with gills, with eyes, with color patterns” “these lures are your next secret fish catching weapon!”

Carl Jocumsen

Australian/American Carl Jocumsen Pro Angler began a similar collaboration with Molix in 2016 for soft and hard bait

I believe my willingness to learn from a young age has been a huge key to my success in the sport and it is no different today! Never thinking I know it all, I learn everyday I’m on the water, no matter who I fish with I’m always learning. I have been known throughout my career for my attention to detail with everything I do, I look into something then try to look deeper than anyone else, I want my rods, reels, lures, hooks, knots, boat, motor, electronics, everything to be prepared to the finest detail. To be different and better than what my competitors are using!

I never give up until the last cast and try not to take a backward step in life, I want to always move forward! At the end of the day I’ve learnt not to take life too seriously and just enjoy every minute.

CARL about Molix Lures “I hope to grow more each year with Molix and am excited about the great potential. There are many things I look to improve on next year also and with your support I know we can do this.”+ firma Carl (come ultimo catalogo Molix USA). Carl is doing buzz baits, skirted jigs, spoons, blade baits, hard baits, soft baits and hollow body frogs.

Brandon Palaniuk

Hometown Rathdrum, Idaho

Current World Rank 1 Best Finish in 2017 1 – Sam Rayburn Reservoir, 5/17/2017

Titles/HonorsB.A.S.S. Angler of the Year (2017); B.A.S.S. Federation Nation national champion (2010)

Hobbies: Videography/Photography, snowboarding, big game hunting

Brandon about Molix lure:“I first heard about Molix back in 2009 from the Italian BASS Nation National Championship qualifier.” recalls Palaniuk. “I was immediately impressed by their quality products and attention to detail. Those qualities hold true today and I’m looking forward to helping expand their line of jigs and wire baits for years to come.” Brandon is doing wire baits, skirted jigs, vibrating jigs, spoons, blade baits, hollow body frogs.

James Elam

James Elam is a lifelong angler and five-time qualifier for the Bassmaster Elite Series. He first qualified for the 2013 Series upon completing his first Central Open in 2012.  In 2017, Elam finished his regular season with three top 12 spots and nine top 50 finishes. He qualified for the 2018 Bassmaster Classic after finishing in 27th place in the Angler of the Year points race. www.jameselamfishing.comFollow James on Facebook @jameselamfishing, on Twitter @jameselamfishin and on Instagram @jameselamfishing

Hobbies: Hunting, fantasy football, working out, running, cooking.

JAMES Elam about Molix Lures James Elam, a five-time Bassmaster Elite Series qualifier says he is, “excited to team up with Molix for Hardbaits, Soft Baits, Wirebaits and Jigs.” Regarding the ability to contribute to growing the Molix USA brand, James, “is thrilled to have an opportunity to design lures and colors to add to an already unique line-up of top quality lures.” James is doing wire baits, skirted jigs, vibrating jigs, spoons, blade baits, hard baits, soft baits and hollow body frogs  

 Justin Lucas

A Northern Californian native fished his rookie season on the Bassmaster Elite Series, who moved to Alabama to pursue his dreams as a professional angler. He joined the Elite Series in 2014. Since then, he has won two Elite Series events (California Delta, Potomac) and has since qualified for three consecutive Bassmaster Classics.

Hobbies: Fishing, golf, cooking, fitness.

Justin Lucas about Molix Lures:Justin says he has been a huge fan of Molix, “From the first time I laid my eyes on Molix baits, I saw their superior attention to detail and could tell that the quality of their products would meet my high standards. I have their jigs and wire baits loaded up in my boat and ready for use on the Elite Series.” Justin is doing jigs and wire baits, skirted jigs, vibrating jigs, spoons, blade baits and hollow body frogs.    

About our lures… 100% Italian design – in a country where living is style, attention to details and design.High Quality Standards and innovation – Produced with high tech performancemachinery, innovative materials and a strictly enforced quality control. Our luresfeature a unique action as result of a combination of factors that make themnoticeably different and innovative.Attention to Details and Finishing -Used successfully by Pros’ – Professional anglers all over the world think that Molixmakes unbelievable 100% quality baits.

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