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Details that Can Enhance your patio

As the sunny days are here, we spend more time outdoors. Thus, the terrace becomes one of the privileged places in the house. Relaxation corner par excellence, it is the space where one can come and recharge their batteries, sip a lemonade, read their favorite book in the shade of the parasol or enjoy an aperitif in good company.

But how to arrange a terrace to transform it into a corner of paradise? Don’t panic, it’s not that complicated! Dress it up with the finest outdoor furniture, which you can find at homeydesignstore.com, pretty decorative accessories, lighting and you’re ready to go!

Monochrome or multicolored, classic style or bohemian, a small balcony or spacious garden, the important thing is to furnish your terrace and accessorize it according to your personality in order to feel good while spending your time there.

Here are 6 ideas to steal from us for a stunning outdoor decor.


At the forefront of the trend, the bar is an indispensable piece in the setting of a terrace or garden. This year, it’s the bar terraces that are important!

This is the trend that came out of cafes and breweries, nicely decorating the green spaces.

And what could be more pleasant and comfortable than an outdoor bar counter? Certainly trendy, it allows you to prepare delicious meals and enjoy cocktails without having to go back and forth between indoors and outdoors. This arrangement renews the set of garden furniture, making it more modern. 

Whether you have a contemporary, more rustic or exotic garden decoration, the outdoor bar can be adapted to all terraces. Blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor with a cocktail island by the pool, for a lounge effect.

Moreover, the Tiki style, inspired by Polynesian culture, increasingly appears in urban terraces and invites you to travel. With its exotic and festive look, it is the ideal item to take full advantage of in your garden and give it a holiday feel.

The essentials – outdoor stools and bar table

It is very simple to set up a terrace bar. All you have to do is opt for bar-height outdoor furniture. There is a very wide choice of wall units that will be perfect for creating your snack space.

For a metallic decor with industrial notes, metal furniture is ideal. The metal bar stool is indeed a must have in the garden, giving character and a special atmosphere to your space. We would particularly advise steel or aluminum furniture, both very resistant and aesthetic thanks to the color possibilities!

Plastic is also a practical choice for your outdoor refreshment bar. More and more polypropylene models feature a nice style, which anyone would love in their gardens. The designer bar stool can become the staple of the terrace and give it a style that is both modern and trendy.

Want to create a tropical atmosphere on your terrace? Then opt for a bar in an exotic style, with wooden furniture, to set up a relaxing mood!


Have you ever dreamed of those stunning, pristine white terraces of Greece that you see everywhere on home decor magazines and social media? Well, know that it is actually very easy to reproduce this Mediterranean effect at home!

A soothing blue and white terrace

The Mediterranean style is a real source of inspiration that emphasizes simplicity and sobriety. The Greek-inspired terrace uses two flagship colors: white and blue. So, don’t hesitate to decorate your outdoor space with patterned rugs, cushions or accessories in bluish tones. A white garden coffee table accessorized with a blue ceramic vase or an antique amphora will create a lovely set!

Dare to use mosaic to give the place a nod to antiquity. Dress your terrace with XXL old-style pots garnished with cacti, succulents or an orange tree, woven baskets and large seashells to set up an irresistible look. The combination of blue and white, large antique-style flower pots, and some plants will sure make your terrace modern and refined!


To create a bubble of rest and relaxation on your terrace, you have to bet on simplicity and minimalism. Arranging your space with the bare necessities, without cluttering it, will allow you to enjoy your terrace more and accentuate this feeling of calm and serenity. For a Zen terrace, choose monochrome garden furniture that exudes elegance and naturalness.

In terms of materials, natural things, such as linen and seagrass will be welcome, as will wood, which will add a little warmth to your outdoor decor. In addition to that, wood is a material that reassures and exudes well-being.

Decorate the terrace with plants

When you live in the city, having a refuge is vital to forget the hustle and bustle of city life. The terrace, the balcony or a furnished roof are the perfect places to create a relaxing bubble of greenery. But how do you set up a little plant cocoon on your terrace? Nothing’s easier !

Multiply the corners of greenery

If there is one place where one would like to see flowery and green, it is the terrace. To run away from the noise and grey tones of the town, there is nothing better than to create a green heaven. To do so, dare to acquire plants and flowers of all kinds. Succulents, climbers, bamboo, shrubs, tropical plants and fragrant flowers.

Imagine a real garden on the terrace! For a harmonious green decor, match the plants with garden furniture made of natural materials. Choose chairs made of wood or rattan and an outdoor dining table in natural wood to furnish your patio.

The trend of the plant wall

Even small spaces can go green! XS terraces or balconies are often limited in terms of space, so here are some tips for creating a real corner of greenery.

The green wall is the new must have of small gardens. It optimizes the space and blurs the walls for an impression of grandeur. Practical and very easy to set up, it comes in an infinite number of possibilities: planters, pots placed on a shelf or even hung on a ladder.

Think also of the hanging plants to feel enveloped by this green space. If you have a green thumb, create your nature heaven with a hanging mini-vegetable garden and grow aromatic herbs there.


To create a modern outdoor terrace decoration with a strong style, bet on stylish garden furniture. Armchairs, stools, tables and benches are all welcome and come to embellish the outdoor spaces.

Dare to use unusually shaped furniture

The patio is a place full of life, which does not have to be boring or monotonous. To add dynamism and energy to your terrace, there is nothing better than designer furniture with striking shapes and lines. Such outdoor items are a great addition to your patio, because they fit perfectly into all types of interiors!

Full of striking details, they enrich the decoration of the exterior, and give it character. Do not hesitate to add cushions with tropical patterns, original and colorful decorative objects to further energize your exterior.

The comfort of suspended items of furniture

In the spirit of designer furniture, hanging chairs and other swings are also becoming essentials on people’s terraces. Renewing the decor of gardens and patios, they are no longer attached to trees.

In wood, ropes or fabric, we advise to decorate them with soft cushions to reinforce this cocoon effect. Certainly stylish, these armchairs are available in different designs and provide a seat that is as original as it is comfortable.


Your terrace is dull and boring? To forget about the grayness of winter, wake up your patio with a cocktail of vitamin shades. But how exactly to revive the outdoor space of your home? We’ll tell you everything in a second!

A dose of good mood in the patio

To bring vitality to your outdoor space, a few details may be enough. Indeed, colorful garden furniture, flashy cushions or a multicolored outdoor rug can transform your space. So, to remove the sadness from your winter terrace, opt for a colorful and cheerful look!

For this, take inspiration from the bohemian style, emblematic in terms of mixing colors and patterns. You will, no doubt, be able to find pigmented patio decor ideas that smell like summer!

Choose colorful furniture

If the accessories are ideal for bringing color to your terrace, opting for colored furniture allows you to play the summer card to the full. Brightly tinted garden furniture will bring cheerfulness to your terrace. Invigorating and energizing, it will turn into a real bowl of vitamins to be consumed without moderation! For example, acquire a green, yellow or red garden chair, a blue or orange garden table. Matching or mismatched, your furniture should take on colors this summer!


Whether it is a pergola, a garden tent, an arbor or a roof, your patio will be much more comfortable if it allows you to shelter from the sun and the rain. Discover the tips to create an intimate place that combines light and shaded spaces.


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