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Two New Baits from Missile Debuted at 2021 ICAST

Missile Baits: Ike’s Mini Flipping Jig and Mini D Chunk

Sometimes dynamite comes in small packages, and that has never been more true than with the Missile Jigs Ike’s Mini Flipping Jig. The brainchild of Mike Iaconelli and John Crews, it has several design features that set it apart from any flipping jig you’ve ever fished. For one, it is extremely well balanced with the weight centered around the hook shank. This combined with its compactness and perfectly angled weedguard allow it to get in and out of the nastiest cover with ease 99% of the time. Its compactness and balance also allow it to fall faster than your standard jig and keep it down better in current. This helps you keep better bottom contact and better contact with cover. The fine cut skirt also moves and pulses with the slightest movement, adding additional lifelike action. Available in a range of colors hand-picked by Ike and Crews, the Missile Jigs Ike’s Mini Flipping Jig gets bit when standard jigs just can’t cut it.

Joining the legendary line-up of Missile Baits soft plastics, the Missile Mini D Chunk Trailer fills a void and is the perfect chunk for any compact or finesse style jigs. Molded with two flappers, the Missile Mini D Chunk Trailer kicks hard to produce a strong swimming action and vibration when pulled through the water. The flat chunk body also helps jigs skip better and helps flair out the skirt to create a more generous profile. Loaded with scent and packaged in a protective clamshell to ensure every bait is straight before you rig it up, the Missile Mini D Chunk Trailer is available in a wide selection of Missile Baits’ hot and proven bass-catching colors.

Visit www.missilebaits.com and www.tacklewarehouse.com.

About Missile

Missile Baits is a small company dedicated to creating SERIOUS soft plastic baits to help anglers catch more fish. Our designs are straight off the top-level professional bass tour, mostly from my head. Each of our baits is unique and tested to make sure they are just right. When you pick up a bag of MISSILE BAITS soft plastics, know those baits are being fished in the world’s biggest bass tournaments when only the best will cut it.
Based in Salem, Virginia, MISSILE BAITS will work relentlessly to make the best baits, show their customers how to use them, and stay on the cutting edge of bass fishing. New products and videos will continue to come out. We love hearing from our customers and hope you catch the biggest bass or tournament winning fish on our baits!

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