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Two innovative lure retrievers for the bass fishermen

AGDInnovations LLC, Manufacturer of CatchALure ® Fly & Lure Retriever, has released two innovative retrievers for the conventional & bass fishermen marketplace which are sure to help you get your favorite lure back.

Good for fisherman, good for the environment. Retrieving your lure not only saves you money but leaving a lure in a tree can be hazardous to birds and other creatures.

Trexlertown, PaThe CatchALure Lure Retriever (CAL) is designed to reach lures caught in tree branches using strong neodymium magnets. Extend the CAL to your lure, then the V-shaped cutter cuts the line, freeing the lure tangled in tree while strong magnets hold the lure to CatchALure.

Conventional CAL: Designed to attach to the end of your rod tip, the Conventional CAL uses the rod’s length as a reach tool. Weighing only 9 ounces and small enough to fit in nearly any tackle box, it’s still large enough to grab bulkier lures. The CAL has a duel rod acceptor lock ladder, V-shaped razor line-cutter, and three neodymium magnets. The highly visible yellow color makes it easy to use. MSRP $19.95.  

 Telescopic Conventional CAL: The attached stainless-steel telescopic extender collapses to 15 inches and extends to 8 feet, 6 inches and comes equipped with a foam handle that floats if dropped. Two tools in one, the extender can be removed by a set screw. Great for those who are fishing by boat or kayak and don’t want to use their rod. MSRP $39.95.

“Losing expensive lures to the tree gods is something every level of fisherman contends with and we know that CatchALure is the best solution to getting these lures back,” says David Olexson, President of AGD Innovations an avid sportsman. Used predominantly for tree or bush hang-ups, but also underwater rescues, the line is what always marries us to any situation. Cutting the line first is the key to any lure retrieval and CatchALure does this with ease. After freeing the lure which is now stuck magnetically to the body of CatchALure, pull on the remaining line left in the tree and it usually untangles leaving a no-line footprint. This is a huge boost to the sustainability of our waterways and safety to waterfowl and animals alike that may get hung-up on hooks. Using CatchALure a few times means it pays for itself. A win-win! 

Patented and proven, visit CatchALure.com for online orders or see more information at www.catchalure.com. Email www.CatchALure@gmail.com 

AGD Innovations LLC, located in Trexlertown, PA,

For more information contact us at 1-800-692-0233 or AGDInnovations@rcn.com

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