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The Money Beam

The Money Beam from Cal Coast Fishing assures accurate culling even when you’re into a large school of “cookie cutter” fish. Every fraction of an ounce can make a difference in competitive angling, and eyeball comparisons simply won’t cut it!

The Money Beam culminates Cal Coast Fishing’s revolutionary Clip-N-Cull system, the patent-pending puncture-free culling system that tournament anglers everywhere are hailing for its fish- and angler-friendly features. Yet this versatile cull beam adapts seamlessly to any loop-top culling system, including those with conventional safety pin-style cull tags.

Made from durable and rustproof thermoplastic, the Money Beam also features a crushproof EVA float that enables the angler to leave the cull beam in the livewell attached to the cull tag of the smallest fish. Compare keepers instantly when the next fish crosses the gunwale!

Clip-N-Cull – Money Beam’s match made in heaven
The care of caught fish looms large in today’s tournament bass fishing. The clarion call in competitive angling today is for puncture-free cull systems, friendly to fish and fishermen alike! State regulatory agencies and tournament organizations are demanding safer fish-handling measures, and puncture-free cull systems head priorities to this end.Enter the Clip-N-Cull! This revolutionary puncture-free cull system is the most secure, easiest-too-use culling system ever designed.Clip-N-Cull’s durable plastic cull clips hold fish securely without tearing holes in jaw membranes. The innovative ratchet-tooth clips, designed by Cal Coast owner Dave Romanus, maintain ideal holding pressure on the fish’s jaw when money is on the line and like-sized fish are at measure. Six crushproof EVA foam culling tags resist the abuse of slamming livewell lids and heavy feet, and they can remain safely and comfortably on fish in the livewell.Each kit comes with a drain-and-dry storage sack. Corrosion-proof parts keep livewells clean and free of rust.The Money Beam is available in two colors: basic black and neon green.Ride the next wave in tournament conservation practice with the puncture-free Clip-N-Cull system and versatile Money Beam from Cal Coast Fishing!

Money Beam Retail Price: $14.99 at TackleWarehouse

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