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Teaching an Old Boat New Tricks

Roundabout Watercrafts
Teaching an Old Boat New Tricks

The coracle. This small, round, lightweight boat has been used for fishing and transportation in Wales, as well as parts of England, Ireland, and Scotland for hundreds of years, if not thousands. Some consider the coracle to be the first form of water transportation known to man. To this day, variations of the coracle are still used in the Middle and Far East. The coracle’s simple, yet time tested design has not changed significantly since its inception, however, it was only a matter of time before a modern day coracle was released to the masses.

Based out of Ruskin, FL, Roundabout Watercrafts, LLC.,  has done just that, bringing their coracle based one-man boat to the market by developing, engineering, and manufacturing its new line of personal watercrafts with the coracle in mind, while incorporating a modern day functionality into the already proven design.

By utilizing the coracle’s basic principles and shape, while adding ample storage compartments, a spacious level deck, as well as a flat bottomed hull, Roundabout Watercrafts has created a stable and lightweight personal watercraft ideal for anyone who loves being on the water, and a simple trolling motor powers it. The 360-degree open radius around the boat provides an experience that is completely different than any other one-man boat on the market.

Roundabout Watercrafts just recently launched their product line on September 1st, 2015, but the idea for a round boat based off of the coracle has been in the works for quite some time. Managing partner of Roundabout Watercrafts, Todd Foucher, refined numerous prototypes of the Roundabout Watercraft leading up to the current design, and he is pleased with what has evolved out of the initial concept that was drawn up by a longtime friend and fishing partner. When asked his reasons for the launch of the Roundabout Watercraft, Todd states it was pretty simple. “I wanted to build a boat that was easy to transport for only one person, small enough to get into very shallow water or tight spaces, yet also stable and maneuverable enough to still be safe, dry, and very comfortable, says Foucher.”

Once the research and development was taken care of, Todd searched for a capable partner to help him turn his prototype into a production model and bring it to the market. Todd partnered up with former employer, now friend and business associate, Scott Williams. “Scott has been very supportive throughout this entire journey,” says Todd. “I couldn’t ask for a better partner, as Scott and I are on the same page and have the same vision for our product.”
After a business relationship was solidified, Todd and Scott settled on a location in which to base their product out of, and seem to have found a great site. Having their headquarters directly on the Little Manatee River in Ruskin allows consumers the opportunity to operate the Roundabout Watercraft before they make a decision to purchase. Potential customers are encouraged to take an extended test drive of the boat and bring their fishing gear (or other supplies) along for the ride, in order to get a real world feel for how comfortable and stress free operating the Roundabout Watercraft can be in real world scenarios; they want people to use the Roundabout as they would any other time on the water.
“Roundabout Watercrafts is providing the consumer an alternative to the kayak, or cramped smaller boats, offering a personal watercraft that is comfortable, light, stable, and full of storage” states Todd. “Many potential customers think our boats will be tipsy or spin around in circles, but when they test drive a Roundabout at our facility, they’re shocked by the ride quality and maneuverability, and then become our customers.”


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