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Swimming Mama is part of the new Big Bites Baits

Swimming Mama is the newest release bait from Big Bite.

The Swimming Mama is 4” in length and has the same body shape of Big Bites popular bait line up. The Swimming Mama has added craw appendages, and a twin curl tail that gives this bait all its fish catching vibration and action.

Fished Texas rigged on a worm hook, or heavy cover hook the Swimming Mama will make a great choice either fished on the weedline, or pitched into heavy cover to entice a big bite. The Swimming Mama will also be an excellent bait choice to use as a jig trailer option with its twin tail, kicking and swimming action.

The Swimming Mama comes in 9 of Big Bites top fish catching colors, and will come 8 to a pack.

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To see all of the baits that Big Bite Baits has to offer please log onto www.bigbitebaits.com.


Big Bite Baits
Swimming Mama is the latest addition to Big Bite’s bait line-up.

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