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Spybaiting – Spinbait 90 Review

BAM’s Tackle and Gear Test:  Spinbait 90

As many of tournament anglers have discovered Spybaiting has grown its wings and sored. For those bass anglers unfamiliar with the term, it is the newest fastest growing finesse tournament technique out.  It has been sobering responsible for influencing several professional wins.  The ultra-finesse technique is now in 70 countries.

Spybaiting is one of the first finesse presentations to tackle suspended fish.  The lure takes suspended fishing to a new surgical level.   DUO is the JDM company responsible for inventing “Spybaiting”.  The company has dedicated several R&D projects to the deadly tournament technique.  These lures are known as Spinbaits.  Duo has produced the Spinbait 80, the Spinbait80 Gfix and the newest member the Spinbait 90.

Although similar each Spinbait carries a unique attributes as well. For starters, the 90 profile is resembles more mature baitfish. Even the ballast system is arranged to compliment the casting angles most used in bait casting.  DUO staff also indicated the trademark “shimmy” a rapid wobbling of the lure during the fall was adjusted for the 90. It’s shimmy is activated on some line tension.  This was created due to aid control the weight of the lure.  The 90 is heavier then its cousins.

During our test we were again surprised with the accuracy and distance with this lure. It flies like an arrow and covers significant distances at any depth.  It Allowed us to adjust quickly to suspended fish.

Our staff caught many Spotted bass, several big largemouth and smallmouth.  We agree with DUO it is a big fish presentation.

Design:  ‘A’ (well thought-out, very realistic profile, elaborate ballast system, amazing color patterns, unique in the industry, hydro dynamically and aerodynamically efficient).

Bait Function:  ‘B’ (natural realistic actions, highly stimulating bait, yet deadly silent. The lure has several actions not just one like many hard baits.  This again makes this lure unique.  Known traits are: 1. Strobing (visual detection of the blade movement). 2. Shimmy (hyper wobble or vibration as the lure is descending)., 3. Low frequency vibrational sound by both props. 4. Turbidity (water flow emitted from the tiny blades). 5. A rolling or rocking motion as the lure swims towards you. Dynamic movement was untraditional, easily manipulated). 6. Actual tactile vibration called pulsing also emitted from the blades.

Angler Operation:  ‘A’ Easy to use! Casting it accurately was simple with in several casts and maintaining accuracy was indefinite even with influences of wind. To operate the lure was simple. Strike detection took a little training as the fish actually ate the bait in many situations.  They ate it on the fall, even at the initial retrieve, as well as during and at the end of the retrieve.



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