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Spot Lock and Live sonar come together for Bass Pro Tour anglers at upcoming Mille Lacs event

Tired of choosing between Minn Kota Spot Lock® or having control of your live sonar You dont have to choose between these two powerful technologies any longer

For years, anglers have utilized Minn Kota’s coveted GPS anchor technology, Spot-Lock, which can keep their boat locked in place on windy days, in current, while culling fish, or retying a bait. Since the introduction of and growth of live sonar technology, anglers have had to choose between Spot-Lock and the use of their MEGA Live transducer. To solve this dilemma for anglers, Humminbird has introduced MEGA Live Imaging TargetLock™, giving back Spot-Lock to anglers who demand total boat control while actively fishing with MEGA Live.

MEGA Live TargetLock allows anglers to utilize Spot-Lock on their Minn Kota Ultrex®while independently controlling their MEGA Live transducer—but it doesn’t stop there. TargetLock’s namesake feature, TargetLock is extremely unique because if gives anglers precision focus of their MEGA Live transducer, all while being able to Spot-Lock or move the boat.

TargetLock allows anglers to lock their live sonar beam onto underwater cover, whether that be a rock pile, brush pile, top of a ledge, or anything else under the water’s surface.

This technology opens a world of boat control freedom when it comes to using live sonar. When the wind starts to gust offshore and you need to stay on your spot with Spot-Lock, you can still utilize live sonar independently or focus it on your target—something that all anglers can agree is crucial.

This combination will prove especially useful for Humminbird and Minn Kota Pro Kevin VanDam at the upcoming Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour (BPT) event on Lake Mille Lacs.

Humminbird MEGA Live TargetLock will prove especially beneficial at a fishery such as Lake Mille Lacs, the site for Stage Seven and final regular season Major League Fishing BPT event. A fishery known for offshore rock piles holding big schools of northern smallmouth bass, Mille Lacs is also known to be susceptible to weather – creating an advantage for those with TargetLock mounted on their Minn Kota Ultrex.
With Lake Mille Lacs being a Smallmouth Bass dominated body of water, there’s no doubt that VanDam will be in the discussion to have a successful event. According to VanDam, TargetLock will be a major asset to be efficient in getting as many big northern smallmouth in the boat come tournament day.
“I have had the opportunity to fish at Lake Mille Lacs a few times during this exact time of year and it’s a lake that is vast, making it churn up pretty good when it gets some rough weather. To me, that’s where my Spot-Lock and MEGA Live TargetLock will be an advantage,” said VanDam. “This lake is known for having offshore structure that act as amazing holding places for smallmouth and MEGA Live is a must-have to be successful in targeting offshore smallmouth.”

“To be spot-locked on a rock pile or school of baitfish in heavy wind and still be locked-in with my MEGA Live is such a huge advantage. Those two tools working in tandem will help me present my bait for the highest probability of bringing fish in the boat. These technologies truly put the One Boat Network ® on the forefront and provide the tools we need as professional anglers to be successful,” VanDam concluded.

The upcoming MLF BPT event on Lake Mille Lacs sponsored by Minn Kota is going to be a forward-facing dominated event and with the fall drawing near, attracting higher winds, TargetLock is going to play key for the Humminbird and Minn Kota pros.

To learn more about the capabilities Humminbird MEGA Live Imaging TargetLock adds to your Minn Kota Ultrex and Humminbird MEGA Live, visit

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