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Throughout the world, fishing is a favorite past time. The thrill of the catch, the beauty of the outdoors, and the time and technique are enjoyed by fishers worldwide. It is this type of love that has made Simple Fishing a success. Who is Simple Fishing At Simple Fishing, we are fishers. We founded Simple Fishing because we love fishing. We love hearing about your great catch, and we love all the lures and gadgets that go into making fishing more productive. We are Canada’s premier fishing subscription company. Our goal is to deliver quality, variety and value to every user. Simple fishing listens to the needs of our users. We are continually learning about various new tactics and lures on the market. We strive to improve upon the techniques that we are currently using. When you need or want new lures – think Simple Fishing! Our Subscription Box Simple Fishing offers a unique way of receiving lures that you need while fishing. We send a RLM Elite box every two months to subscribers.
Know what fish species is predominant in your area? Choose a subscription box curated to that species. Each box costs $54.75 and is delivered to you. Retail value of each box is over $70 if you were to go somewhere else to find these lures! However, you aren’t going to find these lures on the shelves at your local store. Simple Fishing sources lures worldwide. Every two months, subscribers will receive a new box. This way, you have two months to enjoy all the contents and learn techniques to optimize these new lures.
What Makes Simple Fishing Special What makes our subscriptions unique? For one, we are the only fishing tackle subscription company to offer a Pike box. IN addition: – We offer four boxes to choose from: Bass, Pike, Walleye, and Multi-Species – We offer the physically largest fishing subscription box on the market at 12” x 7.5” x 2.5” We truly love the sport of fishing and this can be experienced with every product we send! Why We Do What We Do Why are we committed to giving customers premier fishing lures? Because we know how it feels to catch that big one after having a long day of missed opportunities. We too have experienced that catch after a hail-Mary lure change when the fish are not biting. Fishing is a sport, and we want to give fishers the competitive edge you need!
Are you ready to see how your fishing game will improve? Let us help with bi-monthly deliveries of your box filled with new and exciting lures!

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