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Consumed by a total passion for the largest fish of their given species, Savage Gear goes to any and all lengths to uncover and duplicate the triggers that cause fish to strike. Three-dimensional computer modeling of prey species are combined with thousands of hours of research to refine not only lure appearance, but primary and secondary lure action. In the end, our commitment to you is simplicity. Tie on a Savage Gear lure and allow it to introduce you to what is truly a Savage world.

New 3D Hollow Body Frog:
Most frogs in tackle shops do not bear any resemblance to a real frog, with many sporting crude silicone skirts for legs. The all-new Savage Gear 3D Hollow Belly Frog, includes two “real” leg styles. For heavy cover twitching and “frog walking” an open, Imitation Leg design looks just like a frog resting on the surface. For open water applications, our Action Leg design is outfitted with curled-in soft legs that spit and bubble like a buzzbait on a steady retrieve. Ultra-realistic finishes and body details complete the ultimate illusion.

• Ultra life-like paint jobs.

• Features back legs just like a real frog. Two leg styles featuring a spread leg twitching

design and curled leg reaction design

• Reaction legs kick with a buzzbait action on a steady retrieve.

• Belly details that the fish actually see!

• Designed to pull fish from the heaviest of cover.

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