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ProPatterns Launches Season II of Exposed

ProPatterns debuts the second Season of Exposed Pros on Tour at ProPatterns.com.   The new season highlights 20 new pros from both the B.A.S.S. Elite series and new this year, FLW series.

“Launching Season II was an easy decision for us,” said ProPatterns CEO Chad Ekroth.  “Our membership and viewing audience responded better than anticipated, they confirmed the education we provided in Season I was the missing puzzle piece for aspiring anglers.”

Season II angler John Crews commented, “Exposed gives anglers that never seen before practice footage. How and where I practice is the number one question I get asked. This is the best way to watch the pros dissect a body of water.”

Exposed shows a side of the professional fishing industry never before seen, an unscripted practice day with the best.   Do they always make the right decisions when the tournament rolls around?   Angler Fred Roumbanis weighs in, “It’s very rare to find an area like that and I think about it often. I haven’t stopped wondering if I had made that three hour run and gave myself just a short time there would I have weighed in that legendary forty pound bag that this spot had the potential of producing.”

The Exposed series is a pioneer in the world of professional fishing videos online, a trend popular among other video series.  The series is also the foundation for the social arena which ProPatterns uses to educate all types of anglers.

ProPatterns continues to research and implement new conceptual ideas for the education of angling, and sharing of information for all members.  New as well is the introduction of Season I in a four volume DVD set available at ProPatterns.com and various retail stores.

Please visit ProPatterns.com to learn more about the Exposed series, and experience all of the education available with membership options.

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