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Product Review Tackle Box Labels

Tackle Box Label review by Bryan Taylor
Ok folks I’ve been using these Pro Bass Labels from TackleBoxLabels.com for a few weeks now, including my first event of the year.
1.  96 labels per pack/32 line size labels.
2.  All types of baits are represented.
3.  Fishing line strength markers are included, also.
4.  Large print makes it easy to read (especially good for old guys like me).
5.  The stickers are tough and hold up to abuse.

Easy to use
Well thought out
Makes old bait boxes usable again.
Won’t fade, like markers

I need more than one pack.
They are re-positional, take that as you will.
In my opinion these are a thumbs up.
I really liked that not only were there different labels for baits but different techniques, which allows you to label a whole box with one style of bait for a quick change-up.
If you notice from the photos, I really liked that I could label each compartment on a bunch of my older boxes that are no longer opaque and I could quickly identify which baits were where.
The line markers are also cool because we all know the boxes fall apart and you can’t read the spool.
They seem pretty tough (and I’m hard on all my gear).
My take on these are definitely positive. Mainly because they are useful and helped me while looking through my tackle during the stress of a slow fishing day during my last tournament.
You can order your own at TackleWarehouse or their website TackleBoxLabels.com
Get up…get out and go fishing

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