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Pro Kevin Hawk at Chickamauga for Exposed

Kevin Hawk

For those hoping to get up close and personal with ProPatterns, the company will be hosting a “Cast for Cash” contest at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic over the Memorial Day weekend. Fans can register any day of the event for a chance to make a cast for $15,000. ProPatterns special guests at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic include Sondra Rankin,Nicole JacobsLiberte Austin, and a handful of celebrity pros.

ProPatterns premiered the tenth episode of Exposed Season 4, featuring for the first time Elite angler Kevin Hawk. Exposed filmed Hawk during the first practice day leading up to the 2014 Bassmaster BASSfest at Chickamauga Lake. The 59 mile reservoir, created by the Tennessee Valley Authority, serves as a popular destination for competition and recreational fishing. Hawk, now into his third year on the Elite trail, brings his technical savvy to Exposed as he breaks down waters in and around the Chester Frost Park area of Chickamauga.

On the road between tournaments, Hawk took the time to speak with ProPatterns about his experiences filming with Exposed last year and offers advice to fans looking to improve their skills on the water.

When it comes to the planning and preparation involved in Elite level competition, Hawk said, “I always have a detailed plan even before going into practice, starting with what part of a lake I want to fish. Attention to detail and organizing are critical to every aspect of the sport. You don’t just show up. One oversight might mean the difference when it comes to earning a check or making the final day cut.”

As the premier of his episode approaches, Hawk promises fans they will have a chance to see how technology can help improve their catch. “I feel like Exposed is a great tutorial for the fans. This is a chance for fans to feel like they’re in the boats themselves, looking over my shoulder. They will be able to see what I’m looking at and will be able to take that and interpret what they’re seeing on their own electronics.”

The fact that Exposed filmed at nearly this time last year wasn’t lost on Hawk. “The release of this episode is perfect timing,” he said, “because it’s coming at about the same time I was being filmed at Chickamauga last year, the same time of year in the southeast when the fish are moving off shore.”

Hawk explained one teachable moment fans might miss during the episode. “During filming, I found a perfect spot with a nice drop and a series of shelves and rocks. When I got out there though, I only saw one or two little hits on my electronics, and I didn’t get the bites I wanted because there was no water movement, so I wrote that area off. I went back during tournament while the water was moving and that movement of water had triggered those fish I thought should have been there. You can write off an area,” he says, “…but it doesn’t hurt to come back and check.”

Hawk, who offers his guide services on Lake Guntersville, explained one of the biggest mistakes he sees amateur anglers making. “Anglers should have a progression of baits they use. You might start with a crank bait for aggressive fish, but then you should change bait and casting direction to let them see the bait from a different direction…and then try dragging along the bottom. By using a progression of baits, you maximize based on the level of aggression of the fish.”

Fishing enthusiasts can gain much more insight from Elite angler Kevin Hawk when ProPatterns Exposed returns on May 13th at www.ProPatterns.com. Hawk joins a long list of anglers who have been offering their insight and experience on Exposed and at www.ProPatterns.com for the past four years.


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