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A New Way to Mount Your Tranducer

Nobody likes drilling holes in their boats below the waterline. A new glue-on transducer mount STERN SAVER just makes sense. “We’ve cracked the code on bonding King STARBOARD to gel coat and aluminum,” says Scott Johnson, President and CEO of Stern Saver, “and everyone knows that STARBOARD is the highest grade HDPE available and the material of choice for boat builders because it resists the harshest of marine environments.”

The Stern Saver has changed the way transducers are mounted, setting a new standard for installations. No more damaging holes, no more patching holes, no more transom rot, and no more worrying about whether a new or different brand of transducer is going to require a new set of holes to be drilled.

Fueled by the fear of putting a bunch of holes in his boat to install two sonars and a StructureScan, Scott figured out a way to bond STARBOARD to hull materials utilizing a super strong, Patent Pending, mechanical bonding method. It makes the ultimate mounting surface for transducers, speed sensors, bait tank pumps, bilge pumps, fuel separators, switches, RAM Mounts and many more accessories. And, it holds a screw better than fiberglass and aluminum.

The Stern Saver kit comes complete with everything needed to install it in ten minutes or less, and does not require any tools. It includes a convenient epoxy-filled dual barrel static mixing syringe containing a specially formulated high grade marine epoxy, a mounting template, a peel-and-stick mounting spike, a piece of sand paper, two alcohol prep pads, a pair of gloves, and a detailed instruction manual. The adhesive even cures below the waterline and can achieve tensile bond strengths in excess of 2000 PSI to properly prepared hull materials.

The Stern Saver offers a better way to mount transducers, making traditional methods obsolete. Furthermore, it eliminates the head aches associated with transom repairs from transducer holes. Available in four colors to best match your boat.  Get your Stern Saver here

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