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New Hull Coating Goes Faster

RC Cooper, professional angler and fishing guide out of Nashua, NH recently coated his tournament boat with HullSpeed® Performance Marine Coatings. The application came as a result of HullSpeed®’s recent insertion into the bass fishing market. After meeting and discussing the benefits of the coatings, HullSpeed® staff and team RC Cooper arranged for the application which would include detailed pre and post application performance data.

Standard testing for HullSpeed® applications include speed data at every 500 RPM’s from gear to open throttle and fuel consumption at the same increments if applicable. There is also a ½ mile timed acceleration run conducted in addition to standard maneuvers and handling testing.

Initial pre-application testing was completed on September 7, 2012 on Lake Winnisquam, NH. Post-application testing was completed on September 13, 2012 on Lake Winnisquam, NH in similar conditions; and the results speak for themselves.

In gear at 500 RPM’s the 2008 Ranger Z21 powered by a Yamaha 250 VMAX HPDI ran 30% faster. At 2500 RPM’s the boat ran 21.8% faster and at 5600 RPMS’s(open throttle) the boat ran 2 mph faster than the standard factory hull finish with a top speed of 70.2 mph. The ½ mile acceleration run was nearly 2 seconds faster and shallow water maneuvers including the ability to get on plane faster with less bow lift. Many anglers buy new boats, engines or props in order to attain such improvements. With HullSpeed® bottom paint, you now have the ability to do it for a fraction of the cost.

The application was completed by Deluke Marine in Scotia, NY. The hull was prepped to 150 grit from the waterline down, cleaned and taped for painting then HullSpeed® was rolled on with a ¼ nap roller. HullSpeed® coatings are two-part paints mixed at a 4:1 ratio with water as a dilutant if required. 3 coats were applied allowing 10-15 min between coats and at least 24 hrs before trailering or launching.  HullSpeed® coatings are water based epoxy/silicone paints that do not contain any heavy metals, biocides or other anti-fouling agents and are one of the most eco-friendly marine paints available.

HullSpeed® Performance Marine Coatings was established in 2002 as a high performance racing paint for the elite yacht racing industry. Since then HullSpeed® has branched out into the commercial and recreational marine markets with highly successful applications all over the world. With the help of team RC Cooper and elite series pro Mike Iaconelli, who also recently coated his tournament boat with HullSpeed®, the unique new bottom paint will become a recognized name and a go to product for the bass fishing industry.

For more information on HullSpeed® coatings please visit www.HullSpeed.us or contact a representative at sales@HullSpeed.us. For further information on RC Cooper, professional angler and guide, please visit www.rccooper.com

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