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New Fishing Lures and Products from ICAST 2021


Designed by Bass Pro Tour Pro, Aaron Martens, the Gamakatsu G Power Heavy Cover Worm Flip Punch Hooks are built to satisfy the demands of serious flipping and pitching enthusiast. Developed with an emphasis on hook penetration, the Gamakatsu G Power Heavy Cover Worm Flip Punch Hooks feature a shortened point length and a Nano Smooth Coat, which helps generate lighting fast hook sets. Manufactured using Gamakatsu’s TGW (Tournament Grade Wire), the Gamakatsu G Power Heavy Cover Worm Flip Punch Hooks stay sharper longer, while delivering 20% more strength per diameter. Tested, developed, and approved by one of the most discerning anglers in the industry, the Gamakatsu G Power Heavy Cover Worm Flip Punch Hooks are sure to become a staple among serious power anglers.

A scaled-down version of the original Gamakatsu Underspin, the Gamakatsu Under Spin Head Mini is ideal for smaller finesse presentations. It features the same sticky sharp Gamakatsu Finesse Heavy Cover 60-degree hook as the original just in a smaller #1 size. The hook also features the same wide gap design as the original, which means it has plenty of bite and still allows you to rig bulkier plastics. The streamlined head design boasts lifelike recessed eyes and gill plates for added realism, and the small chrome willow leaf blade comes to life with the slightest movement. The result is a presentation that fish cannot resist. Also equipped with Gamakatsu’s Spring Lock system, the Gamakatsu Under Spin Head Mini holds swimbaits and other plastics gently but firmly, keeping the presentation straight on the hook.

Designed by top-level professional angler and terminal tackle aficionado, Aaron Martens, the Gamakatsu G-Finesse Feathered Trebles feature premium feathers and complementary tinsel, hand-selected by Martens to tempt even the most finicky fish. Also featuring Gamakatsu’s TGW (Tournament-Grade Wire) construction, the G-Finesse Feathered Trebles are thinner, stronger, and sharper than hooks made of standard wire, which translates into fewer lost fish and better hook-up ratios. Gamakatsu’s Nano-Coat finish provides faster penetration as well for improved hooksets, and their Magic Eye design makes them easier to swap out and attach to your favorite baits. Add a little extra life and a whole lot of performance to your topwaters and spoons with the Gamakatsu G-Finesse Feathered Trebles.

Built to bust through the heaviest cover effortlessly, the Gamakatsu Tungsten Punch Weights help make sure no bass can lurk out of your reach. Featuring a special “weight forward” design, it promotes more downward momentum to punch through matted vegetation with maximum efficiency. To help keep your line in the water longer, the Gamakatsu Tungsten Punch Weights integrate a G-Shield composite insert that offers 360-degrees of knot protection. Not only does the insert offer a serious dose of defense for your line, but the G-Shield insert also has a wider base so your hook’s eye can recess into the weight creating a more compact and streamlined profile. Wrapped up in a subtle matte black finish that resists chipping and flaking, the Gamakatsu Tungsten Punch Weights are a smart addition to your favorite punching rig.


St. Croix Bass X Rods

Delivering St. Croix’s legendary, handcrafted quality at an amazing price point, the St. Croix Bass X Casting Rods feature updated materials and componentry to give anglers to best value rods on the market. Featuring proprietary SCII carbon fiber composition with an increased strain rate, higher flexural strength, and refined resin, the St. Croix Bass X Casting Rods provide even stronger, lighter, and more sensitive blanks than previous generations that are precisely tuned for the most popular bass fishing techniques. Equipped with a hybrid guide system, the St. Croix Bass X Casting Rods feature a combination of SeaGuide aluminum oxide guides and SeaGuide Atlas Performance stainless guides with a SeaGuide black PVD coated tip, which reduce weight spread across the blanks for improved balance. Finished with SeaGuide reel seats, as well as premium-grade cork and EVA foam combination handles, the St. Croix Bass X Casting Rods are available in a wide selection of technique-specific actions and backed by St. Croix’s 5-year warranty and Superstar Service. Visit www.stcroixrods.com or www.tacklewarehouse.com.


ProFISHiency Krazy 

Rod Series: Strength, Distance, Accuracy

Designed for the angler willing to do whatever it takes to make their fishing dreams a reality, the proFISHiency Krazy Pro Casting Rods employ premium componentry and smart design elements to deliver a tournament-caliber series of rods. Constructed around 30-Ton Carbon Fiber Blanks, anglers can expect a well-balanced rod that is both lightweight and sensitive, while still boasting the durability to bring fish to the boat season after season.The high-performance blank also sports wild, abstract graphics for a bold look as unique as the angler fishing it. The proFISHiency Krazy Pro Casting Rods enrich the angler’s experience on the water with top-notch hardware. Secured to the blank with eye-catching orange wraps is a series of guides that rely on high grade stainless frames and titanium oxide inserts for smooth, quiet casting performance. Moving down the blanks, anglers will be delighted to find incredibly ergonomic Fuji reel seats that provide all day casting comfort. Further improving that comfort are premium cork split grips that also increase sensitivity and feedback to the angler. Supplying anglers a feature-rich and tournament-ready rod, the proFISHiency Krazy Pro Casting Rods give anglers the same high quality the pros use, without the high price tag.

Visit www.profishiency.com or www.tacklewarehouse.com.

Scentlok OZ Ozone Generators

Ozone is universally known as a natural way to clean and refresh just about anything. Scentlok OZ products are designed for versatility and can be used almost anywhere. From hunting to camping, to pet and beyond, the OZ line of ozone generators continues to find more and more uses to save you money and improve the environments around you. Scentlok’s revolutionary CycleClean™ technology gives their ozone generators self-automated on/off power through a built-in timer—allowing you to set it, forget it and let OZ refresh your environments when you’re not around. Whether it’s a bathroom, laundry room, your vehicle, gear bag, etc., this technology gives you control over how much and how often you need it, so you always come back to a fresh environment. Choose any 5-minute interval between 5 and 30 minutes or a continuous stream of ozone for those hard-to-freshen areas.

Learn more at Scentlok.com

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