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New Elite II Rod Floats

LunaSea Sports Launches Elite Pro II Cush-It

  November 7, 2019, Plainwell, MI – LunaSea sports is proud to announce the launch of their newest and highly anticipated Cush-It — the Elite Pro II.

LunaSea is widely-known in the saltwater and freshwater industries for their lightweight, high-quality proprietary blend of soft plastics accessories. These Cush-Its cushion your rod butt for hooksets and fighting fish, improve rod sensitivity, and float most fishing rods.


Prior to their new Elite Pro II, LunaSea has offered their Cush-It in multiple sizes:  Big Game, All Species, Inshore/Elite Bass and Big Bass. Expected to be a huge hit with freshwater anglers, their new Elite Pro II is going to be the smallest and most compact Cush-It in their lineup. The Elite Pro II offers a smaller profile Cush-It to the end of their bass fishing rods and will be ideal for all techniques. This new Cush-It even has the pro anglers fired up!

“The Cush-It is such an exceptional product, especially when using rods that you put a lot of action into. They seem to balance out the rods perfectly. Now, I love my Big Bass Cush-Its and I’ll still use them on my heavier set ups, but this smaller size Elite Pro II is just going to be amazing.” Said pro angler Shaw Grigsby. “This new Elite Pro II is one I’m looking forward to having on every rod on my deck, not just my spin rods. It’s going to be so compact that you won’t even know it’s there!”

The new Elite Pro II Cush-Its will also allow for easier rod storage both, on the deck and in rod lockers, a more comfortable fit under the arm, and an eye-catching look that compliments the rod. And even with the smaller design, the Elite Pro II can still float most rods.

“I love Cush-It because it’s an extension of my rod and very comfortable when casting, setting the hook or even just working a bait. And there’s no telling how many times I’ve kicked a rod over the side into the water and I simply just pick it up because the Cush-It keeps it afloat.” Said pro angler Edwin Evers. “I’m super excited about this Elite Pro II Cush-It for a couple of reasons. One, because sometimes that Big Bass Cush-It would get in the way of my forearm with certain techniques and having smaller Cush-Its on all of those rods will be perfect. And two, this new Elite Pro II will fit all of my spin rods and bring that much more sensitivity when finesse fishing.”

“We engineered the new Elite Pro II due to a high demand from Elite Anglers for a more streamlined Cush-It.” Said LunaSea founder Mick Saunders. “It has most of the benefits of the other bass models but allows for easier storage. It’s an all-around winner! We decided to name it the Elite Pro II because of the elite professional anglers who requested it. We are super excited to add the Elite Pro II, especially for our bass anglers, so that they have more choices of models for different uses. The Big Bass models are great for punching, jigging, cranking, etc. and the new Elite Pro II is perfect for finesse fishing!”

The Elite Pro II is now available for wholesale distribution and also available on the Luna Sea Sports website – www.lunaseasports.com.


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