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New Bass Hooks from Hayabusa

*WRM958WT – 1/0 – 1/16oz & 1/8oz

– New Hook Size

Hayabusa’s popular weedless swimbait hook WRM958WT with NRB coating is now available for small finesse swimbait techniques.  Take your finesse swimbaiting to all new levels with Hayabusa!

WRM958WT Wide Gap Weighted Hook

Designed with a slightly forward belly weight placement providing life-like action to a soft plastic bait on the retrieve or fall. The screw lock is tapered providing exceptional hold for plastic baits. NRB Coat provides anglers effortless hooking power.  Great for any soft plastic bait that is retrieved with a swim through the water.

WRM114HD – 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0

A beefed-up version of


Hayabusa’s traditional offset worm hook WRM114.
It provides a heavy-duty extra strong thick wire for fishing heavy cover and/or large powerful fish.  The hook features a fully closed eye to avoid line friction or slippage.

Heavy-Duty round bend offset shank hook is Hayabusa’s answer to a beefed-up version of a staple in bass fishing worm hooks.  This model has a closed eye to prevent line friction or slippage and is finished with an NRB Coat that provides anglers effortless hooking power from any casting distance.

DSR132HD – #2, #1, 1/0, 2/0
– New Hook, Heavy Duty – X Strong
Heavy-Duty short U-Bend shank hook with medium wire extra strength diameter wire. This model is suitable for large and hard pulling fish. Excellent for use with finesse techniques without compromising extreme fighting power.


The black matte DSR132HD is a Heavy-Duty hook model for drop shot fishing and other light smaller rig techniques without compromising extreme fighting power. A medium wire diameter, short U-Bend shank and Hayabusa’s Original Point allows for solid ‘pull’ hooksets that increase the amount of fish caught and decrease the number of fish lost.

Brush Easy – 1/0 – 1/16oz & 1/10oz  – New Hook Size and Weights

The Brush Easy has been secretly used among many professional anglers for the Ned Rig fishing technique.  Now the Brush Easy Jig Head is available with a larger 1/0 hook size and addition weight adding more options for an angler’s finesse fishing.

Brush Easy

The Brush Easy Jig Head is ideal for fishing the Ned Rig.  Hayabuas’s formula is a black jig head and strong yet small diameter black nickel hook containing Hayabusa’s Original Point.  The dual weed guards provide snagless use around light to medium cover.  The strength of hook compared to wire diameter sets this model up as the premier product in its class.


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