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The desire to create a soft bait with innovative characteristics motivated the designers of Molix’s workshop to design the 4″ Creatures. The question was if the designers could add to a specific bait of Flipping and Pitching something to make it unique.

The search for the answer has pushed designers to study the technical solutions that would add details and an innovative design to increase the effectiveness of the bait.

In the Creature, each feature has its own small portion of this inspiration.

The body section is divided into two parts: the lower part is laminated to keep air bubbles that are released during the sinking and is crossed by a full core and one pocket for the housing of the hook, without hindering safe and accurate hook settings. The top instead represents the carapace of a shrimp with six small and moving appendages which emit micro vibrations and make the bait quite realistic.

The front side of the bait is characterized by the large cuttable flaps with the classic shrimp’s claws, stylized and in relief. Two strong lateral appendices, increase the vibrations. Small micro appendices give vitality to the bait with solicitations and with the natural water movement.

During the testing days in the USA, it has been effective in countless situations, intricate covers, or probing the bottom searching for the bass. In the final stages of development, it was the bait that allowed the Team Molix to win the 2016 TMT Evolution Italy in Massaciuccoli Lake.

In conclusion, the creature is a modern, versatile, and realistic soft bait that

can be used for Flipping and Pitching. It also lends itself to finesse rigs without losing the mobility and the efficiency, thanks to the numerous and vital appendages. Available in 8 colors and will be available soon at TackleWarehouse and Pitman Creek

Black Red FlakeBloody PumpkinPumpkin OrangeBlack BlueMarron GlaceOkee CrawWatermelon PepperCandy Craw


The study and the creation of new products does not stop in the workshops of Molix and soon will reveal other interesting products now under development.

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