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Meeting to Decide Whether or Not to Shut Down Recreational Fishing

California Natural Resources Building1416 Ninth Street, Room 1320, Sacramento, California 95814

Commissioners Eric Sklar, President Saint Helena Samantha Murray, Vice President Del Mar Jacque HostlerCarmesin, Member McKinleyville Russell E. Burns, Member Napa Peter S. Silva, Member Jamu


Participate via Webinar Link Here to Join the Webinar Or, copy and paste this URL into your Internet browser: https://cawildlife.webex.com/cawildlife/j.php?MTID=m6435b7aec2cf1a5f67dd5f4cd6f4a18c

If you join the webinar using the desk top version of WebEx, you will be able to use your computer camera and speakers to participate in the meeting.

If you use the webbased version of WebEx, you will only be able to listen to the meeting; in order to actively participate in the meeting conversations verbally, you must also call into the meeting using the teleconference phone number below.

Participate via Teleconference Call (877) 4029753 or (636) 6513141; access code 832 4310

Note: See important meeting deadlines and procedures at the end of the agenda.

Call to order/roll call to establish quorum

  1. Consider determining an emergency meeting is necessary and approving the agenda
  2. Emergency regulation concerning suspending, delaying or restricting sport and recreational fishing

Consider adopting an emergency regulation authorizing the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to temporarily suspend, delay, or restrict sport and recreational fishing in specific areas within the state when necessary to protect public health from the threat posed by COVID19.(Pursuant to Sections 200, 205, and399, Fish and Game Code)

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