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Looking Ahead for FLW / MLF

FLW is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement to be acquired by Major League Fishing (MLF). Going forward, FLW anglers can expect more of what they love about FLW, now combined with the power of MLF.

The 2019 FLW Schedule Continues

All remaining 2019 events on the FLW tournament schedule will be contested as previously organized, with no changes to competition days/times, venues, payouts, etc.

That includes the Costa FLW Series Central on Lake of the Ozarks and 2019 Costa Series Championship on Lake Cumberland; five remaining T-H Marine Bass Fishing League (BFL) Regionals that range from the Potomac River to Grand Lake; the Nov. 8 BFL Wild Card; and a handful of High School and College Fishing events scheduled for October and November.

Looking Ahead to 2020 FLW Circuits

FLW High School Fishing, YETI College Fishing, T-H Marine BFL and Costa Series circuits will continue in 2020 and beyond, with the addition of three regions in the Costa Series, and reduced entry fees for both BFL and Costa Series boaters and co-anglers. The most significant alteration will occur at the top of the FLW professional tournament ladder.

The New FLW Pro Circuit

The Pro Circuit will operate on a six-day competition schedule that features FLW’s traditional five-fish-limit format on Days 1 through 3, transitioning to the MLF catch, weigh, immediate-release/every scoreable bass counts format on Days 4 through 6 (which include two 10-angler Knockout Rounds and a final 10-angler Championship Round). As is the case in all rounds of the MLF Bass Pro Tour, MLF-appointed in-boat officials will manage the competition and weighing of fish on the final three days of the FLW Pro Circuit.

Payouts for the Pro Circuit will extend down to 75th place, representing a payday for half the field (a 12-percent increase in the number of anglers earning a check).

The new Angler of the Year Championship will serve as the signature final event of the FLW Pro Circuit, taking the place of the FLW Cup.

The FLW Pro Circuit will feature a 150-boat field with $100,000 payouts to the winner, $10,000 through 50th place and $5,000 through 75th place. It will also serve as the only pathway to the no-entry-fee Bass Pro Tour.s.

FLW Series Expands Regions

Costa Series anglers will see an expansion of regions from five to eight in 2020, to make the Series geographically available to more anglers; the schedule will include three events per region, and an FLW Series Championship.

Entry fees for both boaters and co-anglers will be reduced: boaters will pay $1,700, co-anglers will pay $550 (down from $1,900 and $650 in 2019).

All told, the 2020 FLW Series will feature 24 tournaments plus an enhanced championship.

FLW BFLs Reduce Entry Fees

The BFL competition structure will continue as-is in 2020, with the same number of regions, tournaments and super tournaments as in 2019, all competing under the traditional five-fish-limit format. Entry fees will be reduced to $200 for boaters and $100 for co-anglers for single-day events, and $300/$200 for the two-day super tournaments.

The same group of BFL tournament directors will continue to manage BLF competitions.

High School and College Series

FLW’s High School and YETI College Fishing schedules will continue without change for the remainder of 2019 and beyond. Anglers and teams that qualified for 2020 events in 2019 can expect to proceed as planned.

“As time goes on, we’ll accomplish a lot for those FLW anglers, they should be assured that times are continuing to get better,” Duckett said. “Not that it wasn’t good already – FLW has done a great job (in building a pro-angler culture) that’s the strongest I’ve ever participated in, but if there is anything that MLF can do, we intend to make it better. That’s what I get up for every day, to make it better for the anglers.”

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