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Installing a Back Up Camera

bass angler truck garmin back up cameraOne look at my truck with 6″ lift and blacked out windows you can understand how we would need a back up camera. If at a tournament and have to unhook it’s a real pain getting the trailer back on, requiring getting in and out of the truck making sure it’s lined up.

Now with the help of Garmin we have the problem solved. Originally published here at www.MarkLassagne.com

We recently installed a Garmin dezlCam GPS unit paired with a Garmin BC30

Not only did we solve the trailer alignment problem we can now see the launch ramp and things behind us that wasn’t possible before. And… we now have a state of the art GPS guidance system equipped with a dash cam for any unexpected things that might occur on our long trips.

Since I found this such a valuable asset I wanted to share the easy install process.

First off we plugged the Dezl into the computer went to garmin.com/express downloaded the app where it found the device and updated it to the latest software. While the unit was updating we installed the camera and transmitter. The process was easy.

First fine a suitable place for the camera, most times is right to the license plate. Once the camera is mounted you’ll need to fish the wire through where is can plugged into the transmitter – fortunately we had a hole where it fit nicely but you might need to drill one yourself.

Next is the transmitter, you’ll want to find a spot to mount it where it can receive a good signal and won’t be hampered by debris flying around under the vehicle. You can hook up the camera transmitter two different ways, one is powered on all the time or the other is to hook it up so it comes on when the vehicle is placed in reverse. (1) On all the time just hook the red wire to a hot power source and the black wire to a good ground. (2) On in reverse hook up the power wire to the reverse light and the back wire to a good ground. Note – most trucks have live power near the trailer wiring. The instructions said to power up and test the transmitter placement before securing it. On our truck it was mounted well under the back and had no problem receiving a signal, we also heard that guys are mounting them on their outboards without any signal issues so i think you’ll be fine no matter where you mount it.

Once we finished mounting the camera and transmitter we placed the Dezl on the windshield turned it on and it instantly recognized the camera where we could see what’s going on behind the truck.

Garmin has a great set of videos explaining the install process

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