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ICAST 2020 New Bass Fishing Products

Below is an ongoing list of the newly released bass-related products we’ve viewed at this year’s virtual ICAST show. July 2020


The new Okuma Serrano reel is available in three models: two right-handed and one left-handed version. Corrosion resistant carbon frame and side plate construction. Weighing just 7 ounces and packed with 7 total precision stainless steel ball bearing drive system. The Serrano features an externally adjustable magnetic cast control system that puts the breaks on the machined aluminum, black anodized 33.5mm spool. Serrano features multi-disc drag washers. A double paddle, 95mm aluminum swept handle arm with golf grip handle knobs.

The new Okuma ITX carbon reel is lightweight and rigid with C-40X long strand carbon fiber featured in the body, side plates and rotor. A machined aluminum handle screws directly into the reel. The eight total HPB ball bearing system keeps the reel running smoothly. A machined aluminum 2-tone anodized spool is surrounded by Okuma’s cyclonic flow rotor system that sweeps water away from the center of the reel. ITX reels feature a multi-disc, carbon fiber drag system with hydro-block gasket keeping your drags dry and running smooth.

The new Okuma Psycho Stick rods feature light and responsive blanks are made from 46-ton, low resin carbon featuring UMR: Ultimate Matrix Reinforcement technology. These rods feature top notch components with Fuji KW-concept angled guide frames as well as Fuji Sic guide inserts with deep pressed frames. The Sea Guide injected carbon reel seat and rear grip is minimal. The double locking screw down carbon hood design keeps your reel firmly in place. Psycho Stick rods are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The new Okuma Guide Select Cranking rods consists of eight total rods. Constructed with 24-ton low resin carbon blanks featuring Okuma’s UFR: Ultimate Flex Reinforcement tip technology which increases the strength of the tip section by upwards of 400%. Guides Select Cranking Rods feature Fuji KW-Concept angled guide frames as well as Fuji Alconite guide inserts with deep pressed frames. The Fuji ACS trigger reel seat has a screw down carbon hood. Guide Select Cranking Rods feature a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information visit www.okumafishingusa.com.



This year FishLab introduces the Bio-Shad Wake Bait. This bait features a classic wake bait action and feel for today’s anglers. Available in three sizes to mimic everything from threadfin shad to gizzard shad to shiners, it is sure to have your topwater needs covered. The Bio-Shad Wake Bait can be retrieved on a slow and steady retrieve or a stop and go-fast retrieve. Rigged with tournament grade treble hooks for a better hook up ratio on the trophy bass that you are after.

FishLab’s new Rattle Popping Toad is set to make a big splash with a highly detailed back which mimics the real texture of a frog, this toad comes in three bass busting sizes as well as four natural frog colors. The oversized rattle chamber sits high in the baits head keeping the toad lying flat and making it easier for fish to track over thick mats of grass or through heavy scum lines. The wide mouth design has an easy popping action calls in fish with both is rattling sound and heavy popping noise.

FishLab is introducing the Hydra Glide Bait with a side to side “walk the dog” action as you retrieve. The bait is designed to fish with small pauses in the retrieve to let the bait glide out wider or have a smooth gliding action on a steady retrieve. Rod twitches add an erratic darting escaping action to the bait making it irresistible. Available in 6-inch, 8-inch and a magnum 10-inch size. Hydra Glide will be available in 5 colors and come rigged with heavy duty split rings and hooks.

For more information visit www.fishlabtackle.com.



In collaboration with Bass Fishing Hall of Fame inductee Kevin VanDam, Lew’s is proud to announce the new, 23-model KVD Series of fishing rods. The new series features premium IM8 graphite blanks, split-grip EVA handles, brand new Lew’s® proprietary Full Contact reel seats with increased blank contact, rear locking reel seat on spinning models for improved comfort, stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts with strengthened stainless steel with zirconia insert tip top for optimal durability for use with braided lines and a patented “No Foul” hook keeper–each for a retail price of $99.99. The new KVD series rods are constructed on a raw graphite blank with the rich midnight fire red finish through the handle and black guide wraps, matching the famous KVD color scheme. Included in the KVD lineup are 10 Graphite Casting models for single hook techniques, seven Graphite Spinning models for everything from finesse tactics to Great Lakes smallmouth techniques, and six Composite Casting techniques for crankbaits and other moving baits. Each model is prominently marked on the blank for easy identification of series, length, and power. The Graphite Casting models are marked with a GC1 through GC10, Graphite Spinning models bear the GS1 to GS7 system and the Composite Casting rods are labeled CC1 through CC7.

Along with the new KVD Series of fishing rods, Lew’s announces the addition of Kevin VanDam’s new KVD Series of baitcasting and spinning reels. The KVD Series feature all aluminum frames, strong drags and will be priced so that every angler will be able to fish with the same product the most accomplished professional angler in the world uses every day. The rich burgundy and black-styled reels will be on store shelves in baitcasting models for $139.99 and $89.99 for spinning models. The baitcasting reels will be available in three gear ratios, in both right and left-hand models, to fit every angler’s technical needs. A 6.2:1, 7.5:1 and 8.3:1, all feature 20-pound drag systems. Spinning models will come in three models: 200, 300, and 400 sizes featuring a 6.2:1 gear ratio.

From the mind of professional angler Andy Montgomery and the engineering team at Lew’s comes the new Team Lew’s Pro SP Skipping and Pitching reel. Skipping a jig has become one of the most productive fish-catching patterns in the sport of bass fishing. However, along with its potential for producing giant bites, it has its own unique perils. The most prominent is the potential for tremendous backlashes if the lure strikes a dock post or a wave that arises. To solve that problem, Lew’s created a specialized spool that holds 40 yards of 20-pound-test Fluorocarbon with its recessed Knot Slot and included a special “Skipping Zone” in their externally adjustable Quiet Cast® centrifugal braking system. The result is a reel that has all the performance of a Lew’s reel, tuned to greatly minimize backlashes. The Team Lew’s Pro SP will retail at $199.99 and be available at fishing tackle retailers beginning in the fall of 2020.

For more information visit www.lews.com.



Bringing everything you love about the line-thru Pulse Tail trout to anglers looking to fish a trout in a fixed-hook configuration. The RTF Pulse Tail trout is equipped with a heavy-duty jig hook and stinger hook. The stinger is hidden in the trout’s split dorsal design, minimizing the hardware for a more natural presentation necessary to fool the weariest of fish. Secured with steel cable to an anchor point behind the jig hook, this trout is ready for battle with the largest fish in the waterway. Available in a variety of ultra-realistic photoprint details and powered by our patent-pending Pulse Tail design, these trout look and swim like the real thing, making it an exceptional tool for trophy fishermen in any body of water.

  • Ultra-realistic photoprint details
  • Patent-pending Pulse Tail design
  • Tail cavity for the addition of a rattle or scent
  • Heavy-duty jig hook
  • Heavy-duty treble hook included secured with wire to an anchor
  • Split dorsal design to hide rigging for seamless presentation
  • Scent infused to trigger feeding and aggression

It is no secret that in cold water or clear-water environments, realism is the key to getting more bites. Because of this, Savage Gear designed a NED program in four profiles with industry-leading realism to maximize fishing performance in conditions where NED techniques truly shine. All models are injected with the ultra-soft Duratech plastic formulation that is extremely buoyant and 12 times more durable than standard soft plastics. All models are salt- and scent-infused to fine-tune the buoyancy of the lure, resulting in an extremely lifelike and natural presentation.

We know NED rig fishing is all about finesse. This is why the Savage NED heads are outfitted with a light carbon, steel wire hook. This maximizes hook penetration when fished with light line but also makes it strong enough to ensure the big one stays pegged and the hook does not rip out of her mouth. Its teardrop design and 60-degree line tie allow for more glide on the fall when the head is sinking with minimal line tension. The hook wire is offset from the centerline to increase the exposed hook gap and maximize hook-up ratio. Powder-coated for extreme durability, these dialed in to meet the demands of seasoned tournament pros. Our hook keeper is not welded to the hook to eliminate any potential weak points.

The Dragontail is slug-style bait that is incredibly versatile in its applications. Whether it’s in fresh or saltwater, the Dragontail’s hyper-ribbed body and contours displace a large amount of water giving it a subtle action but big presence, ideal for pressured fish in any conditions. Its tapered body design gives it a subtle swimming action when steadily retrieved and an erratic darting and swimming action when jerked, opening it to a broad realm of fishing applications. Injected out of durable plastisol and scent infused, this plastic has everything needed to trigger feeding and aggression.

  • Hyper-ribbed body for a greater presence in the water
  • Can be worked as a jerkbait or with a steady retrieve
  • Durable PVC construction
  • Scent infused

There are few soft plastics that have continued to produce over the course of the years quite like a lizard. There are many lizard profiles out there, and they all seem to have the same abstract and indistinct shape as when the first soft-plastic lizard was created … until now. The Savage 3D lizard is designed with an anatomically correct profile and ultra-fine details to perfectly imitate a salamander in the wild. A great choice for a Texas rig, Carolina rig, trailer for skirted jigs and even flipping, the Savage Gear 3D Lizard is a versatile bass-catching tool that excels in a variety of conditions. Scent infused to trigger feeding and aggression.

  • Anatomically correct salamander profile
  • Ultra-fine, lifelike details
  • Ribbed for an increased presence in the water
  • Scent infused to trigger feeding and aggression

Savage Gear’s 3D bluegill has been a staple in the tackle box of anglers across the world for many years. Filling the footsteps of its predecessor, the new 3D Bluegill offers improved details and a photoprint finish that make it look just like the real thing. Its four segmented body gives the new 3D Bluegill an improved operational speed window, offering lifelike action at both fast and slow retrieval speeds. Equipped with a heavy-duty jig hook and internal rattle, this bluegill has everything it needs to do battle with the biggest and wisest fish in the waterway.

  • Ultra-realistic photoprint details
  • Lifelike swimming action
  • Built-in rattle
  • Heavy-duty jig hook
  • Scent infused

There are few things that bass can turn down, and regardless of the body of water you fish, as an angler, you know that one of them is a crawfish. Second only to a living crawfish, the new Savage Gear 4D craw delivers ultimate realism and scent capability to fool the most educated bass even in clean-water environments. The Savage Gear 3D Craw has been redesigned to deliver an ultra-realistic profile with even more fine detail than its predecessor. Injected with a custom floating soft-plastic formulation, the 4D Craw will naturally stand up into a defensive position at rest. Whether it is Neko-rigged, Texas-rigged, fished on a jighead, flipped or pitched, the 4D Craw is an incredibly effective tool in every situation a crawfish is imitated.

  • Hyper-realistic details
  • Floating PVC construction
  • Scent infused
For more information visit www.savage-gear.com.



Abu Garcia’s new Zenon spinning reel is poised to reset the standards by which all ultra-premium fishing reels are judged. The Zenon is the lightest spinning reel ever produced, tipping the scales at an unbelievably light 4.9 ounces for the Size 20 and 5.4 ounces for the Size 30. At the heart of the Zenon’s weight-saving design and striking looks is the elimination of empty spaces commonly found in spinning reels. The Zenon body design is noticeably smaller than the spool and rotor; it features a one-piece gear box with no side plate while the frame is integrated with the stem. Combined, these design features shrink the overall footprint and weight of the reel while providing a rigid system for the gears. The magnesium body is contoured to fit comfortably in hands and provides greater weight savings and durability than the advanced plastics commonly used in other spinning reels touted as “lightweight.” Featuring a silky-smooth drag across all settings to make the most of light-line finesse presentations, the Zenon is equipped with low-inertia, silent-rotation rotors and an ultralight hybrid spool. Additional weight savings are found in the hollow, soft-touch handle knob. Both sizes of the Zenon feature a 6.2:1gear ratio. The new Abu Garcia Zenon will be available in March 2021 and will have an MSRP of $499.95 for both the Size 20 and Size 30 versions.

For more information visit www.abugarcia.com.



When Berkley® scientists collaborated with David Fritts to create the Berkley Frittside™ they knew they had a lure that was scientifically proven to catch bass, but even they were surprised at how fast it cemented itself as one of the hottest crankbaits in bass fishing. In just a short period of time it has racked up a lengthy list of accomplishments including the 2019 MLF Redcrest win, a 2020 FLW Pro Circuit event win and a host of Top-10 finishes in both the 2019 and 2020 Bassmaster Classic. In response to this success and the considerable buzz around the bait, Berkley is now announcing an expanded offering of the size 5 Frittside with two new profiles, the Frittside Junior and the Frittside Biggun’. Flat-sided balsa crankbaits are known for their action, but these types of wooden baits are not as durable and the balsa material itself can be inconsistent from lure to lure leading to imperfections. Working with David Fritts, the Berkley scientists were able to bring together the action of a balsa bait with the durability, consistency and casting ability of a plastic bait with the Frittside lineup. Both the Frittside Junior and Biggun’ are ideal for sluggish and/or pressured fish. The Frittside Junior is ideal for clear-water conditions while the Frittside Biggun’ gives anglers the larger profile necessary for muddy conditions. Both feature the classic flat-sided profile that mimics a variety of species and creates the most flash of any Berkley crankbait. The integrated FlashDisc design delivers a balanced weighting and action that tracks more accurately at higher speeds. Versus balsa, the Frittside’s material construction makes it’s easier to cast for distance and accuracy—even on baitcasting gear—meaning anglers can cover more water with the baits and reach targets from a greater distance. The Frittside Junior and Biggun’ are available in 18 colors ideal for bass fisheries across the nation and come equipped with ultra-sharp Fusion19™ hooks.

Expanding on its successful launch of HD Tru Color baits in 2019, the team at Berkley is excited to announce the addition of the HD Tru Color technology to three additional PowerBait® shapes: The Pre-Rigged Swim Shad, Hollow Belly and Grass Pig. By adding HD Tru Color technology, Berkley is offering anglers a variety of new soft baits that look so lifelike they mimic real bait, appealing to a fish’s sense of sight. With over 25 years of continuous research and testing going into perfecting the science behind PowerBait, the addition of HD Tru Color technology brings a dimension of realism to these baits to help lure in fish. Once recognized by hungry fish, the legendary PowerBait formula takes over offering an irresistible scent and flavor combination that makes fish hold onto the bait longer for an even greater hook-up ratio. The PowerBait Pre-Rigged Swim Shad is now available in a new 2-inch size and features the new HD Tru Colors in the 2-, 3- and 4-inch sizes. The already leading bait, now improved with lifelike detail, 3D eyes and holographic inserts, increases precision and likeness to the real thing. The PowerBait Hollow Belly HD Tru Colors are available in 4-, 5- and 6-inch sizes and can be rigged as a line-through, on a jig head or with a weighted EWG. The PowerBait Grass Pig features a new size of 3.5 inches and an HD color extension on the 3.5- and 5-inch versions. The popular, Bobby Lane-designed bait features an irresistible wiggle through the body and tail of the bait. With six new HD colors, the versatile swimbait can be rigged with a weighted EWG, as a Florida rig, with an offset wide gap hook or on a jig head.

For more information visit www.berkley-fishing.com.




Strike-Vü by Aqua-Vü – Providing an eye-to-eye perspective of the fish, the new Strike-Vü™ Camera from Aqua-Vü® captures all the underwater excitement of striking fish in colorful HD video. A built-in 32-GB hard-drive records underwater action in 3-minute clips, for up to 4-1/2 hours of video. Magnetic, waterproof USB connection interfaces with a computer or other device for file management as well as for charging the integrated Li-Ion battery (battery powers Strike-Vü continuously for up to 5-1/2 hours.) To connect to a fishing line and lure, an 8-inch rigid-wire shaft features dual eyelets—ideal for trolling, casting or other fishing applications. MSRP $99.99.

For more information visit www.aquavu.com.



Sunline’s new premium Nylon Leader is designed specifically for leader and top shot applications.  This nylon leader makes a great choice for use with mainline braid when you want to have a more buoyant leader with baits like topwaters.  This is not just a regular nylon in a different package, it is a special master batch nylon which provides high breaking strength and high tenacity.  Nylon leader also has reduced water absorption, which prevents weakening in the line like many other regular nylons.  Nylon leader is designed with shock absorption to prevent break offs from extreme shocks of sudden lure movement, aggressive strikes, or sudden fish surges.  Nylon leader is offered in 8lb-16lb in a 50yd spool.  MSRP is $6.99.

Sunline first launched Night FC in 2019 in a clear blue color. Now 2020 brings the introduction of a new Hi-Visible Yellow color.  This new color provides maximum brightness at night for highest visibility under black lights.  It features all the same characteristics as the original Night FC, such as low stretch and high abrasion resistance, and is 100% fluorocarbon.   Night FC comes in a 165yd spool and is available in 12lb, 15lb, 17lb, 20lb and 25lb and has a suggested retail price of $21.99.


Sunline’s popular Super Natural nylon is now available in a hi-visible orange color to go along with the current filler spool colors of clear and green.  Super Natural is a premium nylon line that features small diameters, easy handling and a good balance of tensile and knot strength.  It is popular in many markets and the new orange color will provide anglers a more visible option to use in their fishing. The new orange color is available in a 330yd spool and will be at an MSRP of $9.99.


Sunline Siglon PE ADV is a new, premium eight strand braid featuring Deep Resin Technology (DRT).  DRT is a special new manufacturing technology from Sunline which inputs resin deeper into the fiber making the line smoother for better handling in guides.  It features a small diameter with high tensile strength and abrasion resistance.  It is available in a 165yd spool from 8lb-35lb sizes.  It has an MSRP of $29.99.

For more information visit www.sunlineamerica.com.



A valuable combination of refined energy, unpredictable action and visual stealth, the new Z-Man JackHammer StealthBlade adds an exciting new chapter to the book of the bladed jig. The driving force behind the patented new ChatterBait design, a clear polycarbonate blade produces a totally different sound and vibration, but like its predecessor, starts thumping intensely with the first half-turn of the reel handle. The blade’s specialized oval split-ring line tie increases stealth, and offers less surface area and no protrusions to catch vegetation or other snags. Armed with a lighter wire, custom Decoy® fluorine nanocoated hook, the StealthBlade can be cast on slightly lighter line and penetrates the jaws of bass with less hook-setting effort. To preserve the StealthBlade’s high-level, ultra-durable JackHammer heritage and performance, silicone skirts are hand-tied with stainless steel wire. Dual wire trailer keepers pin soft plastic trailers in place for the long haul. The StealthBlade’s low center of gravity, fish-shaped head tracks true and skips easily. When the situation suggests a bladed jig, but instinct advises finesse, the ChatterBait JackHammer StealthBlade becomes the smartest play of the day. Available in 3/8- and ½-ounce sizes in six pro-crafted colors, MSRP $15.99 each.

Crafted for versatility with the power to thump and vibrate at all retrieve speeds, the new Z-Man GOAT series baits sport twin action tails with the same unique curved paddle tail design arming other Z-Man baits. The GOAT’s segmented, slightly flattened torso transitions to dual thin-skinned kicking legs, each terminating with a pulsating, deeply cupped paddle. Soft and buoyant, the bait’s 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction means it’s also durable enough to bounce back, even after boating dozens of bass. Three bait sizes—3” Baby GOAT, 3.75” GOAT and 4.25” Billy GOAT—cover multiple presentations, including as a Ned rig, swimming grub, flipping bait and ChatterBait, buzzbait and jig trailer. Ten colors available, MSRP $4.99 per pack, all sizes.

Designed by Z-Man pro and jig fishing ace David Walker, the CrossEyeZ ChatterBait leverages the weedless, oversized eye design of Z-Man’s CrossEyeZ jig series. A custom 5/0 O’Shaughnessy hook bolsters hookup and landing percentages. For optimal snag resistance around wood and grass, an adjustable, v-shaped, coated multi-strand wire weedguard deflects cover and prevents snagging and fouling, while folding back during hooksets. A dual trailer keeper, with molded lead and wire spikes, offers the ultimate in trailer security. Hand-tied silicone skirts are secured to the hook-shank with stainless wire for maximum longevity. Durable, color-matched jighead and hallmark ‘cross eyes’ add attraction. With a custom, super-hard stainless hex-shaped ChatterBlade and uniquely designed line tie snap that reduces fouling and enhances durability, the CrossEyeZ ChatterBait presents strong, bold vibration, unmatched durability and superior snag resistance. Available in ten colors and 3/8-, ½- and ¾-ounce sizes. MSRP $9.99.

The preeminent finesse jighead for systematic finesse, swimbait and soft jerkbait fishing, the Finesse EyeZ Jighead calls on a low-center-of-gravity head with Z-Man’s grooved Stabiltrack™ design to maintain perfect balance at all retrieve speeds, or when fished vertically. Oversized 3D eyeballs highlight four jig color patterns, focusing predatory attention and creating a pronounced strike target. Built around custom needle-point, light wire black nickel hooks, the Finesse EyeZ comes in two hook sizes and five jig weights: 1/12- to 3/8-oz with 1/0 or 3/0 hooks. A welded wire keeper facilitates easy, secure rigging of ElaZtech softbaits, locking them firmly into place. An ideal jighead for vertical fishing or “moping” with a StreakZ™ 3.75, 4” Finesse ShadZ™ or 4” or 5” Jerk ShadZ™, or for finesse swimbait applications using a Slim SwimZ™, MinnowZ™, or DieZel MinnowZ™. MSRP $5.99 per 3-pack.

A Texas rig and a weedless jig in one, the Pro BulletZ Weedless Jighead features a built-in bullet sinker and a custom size 3/0 and 4/0 heavy duty VMC extra wide gap hook. A molded “keeper” holds ElaZtech softbaits securely, and allows for quick, easy rigging. Its snag-free, bullet shaped jighead marries seamlessly with popular ElaZtech baits, including the new Pro CrawZ™, as well as a variety of Z-Man swimbaits, worms, creatures, and craws. MSRP $6.49 per 3-pack.

Designed by ChatterBait originators Ronnie and Ron Davis, Z-Man’s ChatterBait WillowVibe links a hardened, stainless steel willow leaf shaped blade with an aspirin-shaped jighead, for an intense, rapid-fire vibration that is ideal for targeting schooling fish. Jighead sports lifelike 3D eyes, a super-sharp 2/0 black nickel hook and a wire keeper for pinning soft plastic trailers tightly in place. Matched with finesse straight-tail and swimbait trailers like the StreakZ™, Finesse ShadZ™ and Slim SwimZ™, the WillowVibe produces a tighter action and higher frequency vibration and can be fished throughout the water column, from counting down to depth for slow, deep retrieves to waking just below the surface. Ideal for finesse applications typically calling for scrounger-style heads, small swimbaits, and underspins, the WillowVibe has already proven deadly on largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass, as well as walleye, striped bass, white bass, and myriad saltwater species. Two sizes—1/4- and 3/8-ounce and four colors—highlight this intriguing bladed jig. MSRP $5.99 per 2 pack.

For more information visit www.zmanfishing.com.



There are plenty of reasons to fish with MotorGuide’s Xi3. Its lightweight design and SecureStep system make it simple to stow and deploy the motor, even from a seated position. Along with its nearly silent operation and wireless remote, it’s the perfect addition to any kayak. Xi3 will be available soon in two 36″ shaft, 55-pound, 12-volt options with or without GPS. MSRP non-GPS model: $739.99, GPS model: $1,199.99. Control in the palm of your hand. Intuitive remote-control steering is ready for use right out of the box. Xi3 with available Pinpoint GPS allows anglers to focus on fishing while taking advantage of GPS functions like anchor, heading lock, route record and more. Pinpoint GPS anchoring is three times more precise as competitors, meaning you can stay on structure and fish, even in currents and wind.40% quieter than the competition. Easy to operate, convenient to use, and the quietest motor in its class. 50% less effort stowing and deploying with our SecureStep system. You can quickly and easily stow and deploy, saving time and energy bouncing from spot to spot, even in a seated position.

For more information visit www.motorguide.com.



The new Garmin quatix 6 combines all of the best features of Garmin’s flagship fenix 6 GPS smartwatch with specialized boating, fishing, cruising and sailing capabilities. It offers comprehensive connectivity with compatible Garmin chartplotters and other marine electronics to offer auto pilot control, Fusion-Link entertainment control, data streaming – including speed, depth, temp, wind and much more. The new series comes preloaded activity profiles for nearly every sport and adventure, including paddle boarding, golf, hiking, rowing, kayaking just to name a few. Connected features include smart notifications, Garmin Pay contactless payments, on-device music storage of up to 2,000 songs for phone-free listening, and more. The quatix 6 series also adds support for optional BlueChart g3 coastal charts and LakeVü inland maps so it can be utilized as both a dedicated or back-up navigation tool. With a rugged, sophisticated design with an always-on 1.3” color display, the quatix 6 series offers a battery life of up to two weeks in smartwatch mode, 24 hours in GPS mode and up to 60 hours in UltraTrac battery saver mode. The quatix 6 is available now in two versions: the quatix 6 and the quatix 6 Titanium. The quatix 6 Titanium has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens, titanium bezel, buttons and rear case and includes a titanium watch band as well as a cirrus blue silicone QuickFit™ band with a suggested retail price of $999.99. The quatix 6 has a stainless-steel bezel, buttons and rear case and includes a captain blue silicone band with a suggested retail price of $699.99. Compatible marine products include: GPSMAP® 7×2/9×2/12×2 Plus, GPSMAP 10×2/12×2, GPSMAP 74/7600, GPSMAP 84/8600, GHC™ 20, GNX™ Wind and the GNT 10.

Garmin’s has released its new Perspective Mode mount transducer positioning accessory for its award-winning Panoptix LiveScope™ sonar. As the first real-time scanning sonar for recreational fishing, LiveScope has transformed the way anglers fish by delivering live images of structure, bait and fish swimming around and below the boat, even while stationary. Now, in addition to the existing LiveScope Forward and Down Modes, anglers can use the new Perspective Mode for unprecedented overhead visibility that’s perfect for shallow water. With the new Perspective Mode mount, the LiveScope LVS32 transducer can be easily adjusted to fit an angler’s fishing techniques and preferences, no tools required, and the chartplotter will automatically detect what mode is being used. Simply turn the transducer sideways to enable the new ‘top down’ perspective mode to see a wide view of what’s in front of the boat up to 50 feet away; point the transducer forward to see around the boat; and point it down to see directly below the boat. All three modes provide incredibly sharp, real-time scanning sonar images of fish swimming and moving toward or away from the boat and below the surface with remarkable target separation and clarity. LiveScope is also equipped with an attitude heading reference system (AHRS) that constantly adjusts sonar beams to compensate for boat motion, so even in rough conditions, anglers will still see a steady sonar image. Coupled with a Panoptix LiveScope System, the Perspective Mode mount accessory is required for anglers who want to take advantage of the Perspective Mode technology. The LiveScope System includes a compact GLS 10 sonar black box with an LVS32 transducer, and a simple plug-and-play Garmin Marine Network connector for easy installation and integration with a compatible Garmin chartplotter. The new LiveScope Perspective Mode mount retails for $99.99.

For more information visit www.garmin.com.



As the Ned-rigging technique has developed, so has the creativity of anglers in applying it. In the 2020 tackle season, Strike King entered the Ned-rigging game with several offerings, and for 2021, they have expanded those offerings to include the Tour Grade Weedless Ned Head. Last year, Strike King presented the Tour Grade Ned Head to the industry. It featured a flat, mushroom shaped head for clean rigging, a 2/0 black nickel sickle hook for precise rigging and solid hookup ratios, and a wire hook keeper along the hook shank to hold baits firm. For 2021, Strike King adds a version that includes a wire weed guard that will allow anglers to take the Ned rig off-roading. The new Strike King Tour Grade Weedless Ned Head will be available in 1/16, 1/8, and 3/16-ounce, and in two colors, black and green pumpkin. They will be available in the fall of 2020.

Building on the success created with their entry into the Ned-rigging game in 2019, Strike King introduces the new Rage Ned Craw for the 2021 tackle season. The scaled down 2.75-inch bait will give Ned-rig fans the legendary action of a Rage Craw, but in a package specifically tailored to the popular finesse application. Built on the foundation of patented Rage Tail flange at the claws, the Rage Ned Craw features a sharply ribbed body that is proportioned to perfectly match the circumference of the Tour Grade Ned Head, and finished with a flat tail piece to present a streamlined, flush pairing when rigged. The Rage Tail claws are scaled to match the body, yet an exact duplication of the Rage Craw family. The Rage Ned Craw will be available in a variety of Strike King’s popular colors and will be available in the fall of 2020.

Ever since its introduction, Strike King’s KVD squarebill crankbait lineup has been one of the highest performing lures in its category. Whether in the hands of weekend anglers or Kevin VanDam, the best crankbait fisherman on the planet, the KVD Squarebill crankbaits put fish in the boat. While the original silent KVD Squarebills have set the world on fire, the desire for a rattling version has become strong. So, building on the popularity of the Tungsten 2Tap Red Eyed Shad and the Hard Knock Sexy Dog, Strike King developed the KVD 1.5 Hard Knock Squarebill. VanDam said that the new Hard Knock series gives him versatility and another added benefit in his shallow cranking game. “The 1.5 Hard Knock has a very unique ticking sound that really helps give me an added dimension to my squarebill game,” he said. “The unique ticking sound of the internal rattle gives me the component of sound in dirty water, or around grass.” However, while the sound is the main feature, VanDam said the rattle provides a secondary benefit. “The movement of the rattle inside the chamber of the KVD 1.5 Hard Knock adds to the action of the lure,” he said. “The ticking of the lure will help them locate it, and the enhanced ‘hunting’ action will really make them strike. It is a great extension of the lineup that will allow me to switch up the sound to fire up a school again, and really help me catch more fish.” The KVD 1.5 Hard Knock Squarebill will be available in the fall of 2020.

For more information visit www.strikeking.com.

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