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GAMAKATSU New Hooks for 2016


In 2016, technology has advanced Gamakatsu’s hook offerings in substantial ways with 15 new designs that simply were not technically possible until now.

Angling techniques drive our engineers even further. Working closely with our international group of tournament professionals, including Aaron Martens, Shin Fukae, Stacey King and many others, Gamakatsu is on the forefront of emerging techniques. Our past introduction of the industry-changing G Finesse Series was a testament to this objective, but we’re not stopping there. Bass anglers should take note – This year there are 5 more additions to the G Finesse collection. Carp anglers have new hooks to rave about as well with the new G-Carp series. And, an entirely new “micro gap” hook line changes the game for ice fishermen, improving hook-up ratios on many common rigs that have been taken for granted for decades.

Gamakatsu’s had a long history of meeting niche segments of the market with products tailored to specific applications and fisheries. Gamakatsu’s 2016 offerings follow that history of excellence and innovation with products matched to the needs of bass, fly, salmon, steelhead, trout, catfish, striper, panfish and walleye anglers, and no doubt dozens of other fisheries.

G Finesse… Pro-Inspired, Pro-Proven Hook Design

G Finesse hooks are designed by pros, shed by pros, yet available for every angler. Some of the G Finesse developments are subtle changes, others are radical departures, but all of these new products work exceptionally well and have been thoroughly tested under some of the most rigorous conditions and expectations in fishing.

There is a tsunami of change underway at Gamakatsu and G Finesse is a glimpse of what’s in store for the future of fishing. It’s real, it’s compelling and a new course has been set that will result in anglers worldwide enjoying more success than ever.

NEW G Finesse Treble MH designed by Aaron Martens

Martens MH Treble

Big fish. Tough, toothy fish. Fish that live in bunkers of root balls, milfoil and hydrilla. Aaron Martens frequently chases them, and he asked us formedium heavy G Finesse treble to get’em better. We answered. The new G Finesse Treble MH features a tougher medium heavy, TGW (Tournament Grade Wire) for additional strength. The same Nano Smooth Coat nish and short shank promote instant hook penetration. Available in Sizes 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 1/0 for all applications. Hook’em, land’em and head straight for the weigh-in.


G Finesse Swivel Shot Drop Shot Designed by “FLW Angler of the Year” Shin Fukae

Swivel Shot Drop Shot

The original G Finesse Swivel Shot changed the game and professional anglers were eager to play. Some, like Shin Fukae, recognized the G Finesse advantage but didn’t want to break from tradition entirely by using the integrated octopus hook. They already had their drop shot rigs dialed to perfection. So, we designed the new G Finesse Swivel Shot Drop Shot to accept traditional drop shot hooks with a true swivel connection. No unreliable wire loops like other brands. Additional features include TGW (Tournament Grade Wire,) and both the hook and swivel system boast the benefits of a Nano Smooth Coat nish. Available in sizes 2, 1, 1/0 and 2/0. Drop the old-school rigs and try the Swivel Shot Drop Shot inspired by Angler of the Year winner, Shin Fukae.

G Finesse Heavy Cover Worm (Aaron Martens)

G Finesse Heavy Cover Martens

Go big. Go small. Either way, you’ll go home a winner. The new Aaron Martens Signature G Finesse Heavy Cover Worm hook does what others can’t – hold plastics large or small tight for endless casts without rips or tears. The rock solid keeper is made of non-corrosive tin, not plastic or lead, so it won’t wear out or add unwanted weight. Martens says it best, “This single hook let’s me do so much. More than once, I’ve shed it the entire day.” Like all G Finesse hooks, TGW (Tournament Grade Wire) and Nano Smooth Coat finish perfect the design. Available is sizes 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0. Extreme versatility opens up more options for success.

G Finesse Worm Light with Tin Keeper

Worm Light Wire Fukae

When conditions require finnesse, the pros use new G Finesse Worm Light hooks. The light wire allows for threading of extremely small diameter worms with ease. Even the most fragile plastics are less likely to tear, saving on baits and increasing fishing time. The non-corrosive tin keeper doesn’t add weight. Like all G Finesse hooks, the Worm Light hook penetrates with significantly less force making them substantially more effective. Available in sizes 1, 1/0, and 2/0, all with Nano Smooth Coat Finish.

Superline Swim Bait Head

Superline Swim Bait Head Pearl

Until now, you simply couldn’t find a premium, swim bait jig head with a premium Gamakatsu hook. The new Superline Swim Bait Head changes all that. The head profile is streamlined for a natural action. The lifelike eyes exhibit true fear to predators. Choose premium painted heads or unpainted for anglers that prefer a do-it-yourself custom look. A heavy wire, 60-degree angle Superline hook performs optimally with braided line and heavy mono lament. The Superline Swim Bait Head is also compatible with all internal and external swim bait rigging. Sizes 4/0-1/8, 4/0- 3/16, 4/0-1/4, 5/0-3/8, 5/0-1/2.

G Carp Hump BackG Carp Specialist RG Carp Super Hook
Jig Nymph BarblessJig Nymph Barbed


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