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G FinesseG Finesse…A Ground-Breaking Achievement In Hook Design

Gamakatsu entered the market on the promise of the sharpest hooks produced. It was Gamakatsu that created the “super sharp” hook category and continues to add new, market and application-specific hooks to its offering every year.

Gamakatsu’s new G Finesse series stands as truly ground-breaking fishing hook technology…a real game-changer for bass anglers especially. In cooperation with tournament bass pro’s Shinichi Fukae and Aaron Martens, Gamakatsu has followed their requests to produce new professional grade, cutting-edge products that break the mold and take the sport in a new and exciting direction.

At the heart of G Finesse beats entirely pro-designed products. Anglers that spend hundreds of days a year on the water and depend on catching fish for their paycheck. Some of the G Finesse developments are subtle changes, others are radical departures, but all of these new products work exceptionally well and have been thoroughly tested under some of the most rigorous conditions and expectations in fishing.

There is a tsunami of change underway at Gamakatsu and G Finesse is a glimpse of what’s in store for the future of fishing. It’s real, it’s compelling and a new course has been set that will result in anglers worldwide enjoying more success than ever.

Aaron Martens Inspired G Finesse Drop Shot Hook Introduced For 2015Dropshot
“I’ve increased my hook-up percentage by 40%…I rarely miss a fish with this new drop shot hook”, commented Bassmaster Elite fisherman, Aaron Martens. He continued, “These are the sharpest, strongest, most advanced hooks of their kind on the market.” Martens has been instrumental in the development of Gamakatsu’s new G Finesse Drop Shot Hook. Completely “pro-designed”, Gamakatsu’s new G Finesse series is a giant leap forward in fishing hook technology.

“The new G Finesse Drop Shot Hook is like Gamakatsu’s standard Drop Hook except that I had them pull the point more towards the eye to open up the gap. Also, the hook wire, called TGW (Tournament Grade Wire) is a smaller diameter, 20% thinner, but just as strong as their other hooks.”

Gamakatsu is taking hooks in an entirely new direction…the G Finesse direction. Thinner wire, stronger and finished with Nano Smooth Coat, a Gamakatsu exclusive that reduces resistance and improves the effectiveness of these hooks, G Finesse is a compelling departure from any other hooks on the market. Nano Smooth Coat not only improves hook penetration but has a stealthy matte finish that makes these hooks nearly invisible in most water conditions. The G Finesse Drop Shot Hook design, TGW and Nano Smooth Coating combine to make these hooks penetrate with significantly less force making them substantially better hooks.

Gamakatsu’s G Finesse Drop Shot Hooks are available in sizes, 2, 1, 1/0 and 2/0. Nano Smooth Coat finish.


New! G Finesse Treble Hook…Thinner, Stronger, Sharper, Better.G Finesse Treble
Gamakatsu continues to expand its ground-breaking G Finesse series hooks with the G Finesse Treble Hook. Designed by Bassmaster Elite pro, Aaron Martens, the G Finesse Treble redefines “sharp” and “effective”.

Gamakatsu’s G Finesse Treble Hook is patterned after traditional O’Shaughnessy style hooks. Aaron has long been a proponent of the O’Shaughnessy hook style with its distinctive acute angle at the bottom of the hook. Martens believes the addition of the O’Shaughnessy bend hooks and holds fish better than round bend designs. He should know, he’s a past B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year, had three second place finishes in Bassmaster’s Classics and is always in the hunt on the Bassmaster Elite Tour. When you fish as much as Aaron does, small details make a big difference.

The G Finesse Treble Hook features Gamakatsu’s proprietary TGW (Tournament Grade Wire) that is a smaller diameter wire that’s as strong or stronger than standard treble hooks. This hook also is finished with Gamakatu’s exclusive Nano Smooth Coat, a matte finish that adds stealth and reduces friction and resistance for better, faster hook penetration.

Martens is a stickler for details and even with super sharp hooks he puts a sharpener on them, but not with Gamakatsu’s G Finesse hooks, they’re as sharp as they come and he fishes them right out of the package.

The G Finesse Treble Hooks is available in sizes 6,5,4,3 and 2. Nano Smooth Coat finish.


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