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Get Ready and Get Set for the 2016 Navionics Cup

The race for the 2016 Navionics Cup starts now!

If you are serious about fishing – and winning, then you know how important having the “right” tools for success can be.

And in the same way that fluorocarbon line, Senkos, or the flippin technique has changed the game, the EXACT same thing can be said about Navionics cartography in relation to how much it has contributed to the success of today’s competitive angler.

Navionics’ often imitated, but never duplicated technology, is the number one choice for those anglers SERIOUS about winning, as it’s proven capabilities to outline details regarding creek channels, drop-offs, and the contours of a particular body of water directly results in less guess work, and more fish in the boat – bottom line.

And whether you already own, or are planning to buy a NAVIONICS chip, NOW is the time to get in the race for the 2016 Navionics Cup title that begins with the start of the Future Pro Tour season on Feb 27th at Don Pedro, and March 26th at Lake Berryessa.

Enrollment in the race for the 2016 Navionics Cup title is simple:

· You must register for Navionics Cup before the event begins (at the morning registration period)

· You must have a working Navionics chip in your boat – or the Phone App installed (cost $9.99)

· You must have a Navionics sticker prominently displayed on your boat (you will be given one)

It’s that simple!

· The highest finisher enrolled in Navionics Cup will receive a $25 fuel card – after each event!

·  The highest points finisher at end of year, will receive $200 fuel card (or cash) and the beautiful Navionics Cup trophy!

And if you want to learn know how to get the most out of your Navionics chip – to help you PUT FISH IN THE BOAT, Travis Huckaby (Former FPT Navionics Cup Champion) and now Navionics national Pro-staff member, will soon be hosting right-to-the-point bi-weekly Navionics videos designed specifically to help you put more fish in the boat come tournament time.

The race for the 2016 Navionics Cup starts NOW!


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