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FLW Costa New Rules for 2019

Top 2 Pros from Each U.S. Division and 2019 Co-angler Champion Advance to the 2020 Forrest Wood Cup  MINNEAPOLIS (Oct. 3, 2018) – FLW announced Wednesday the Costa FLW Series rules, entry fees and payouts for the 2019 season, including new Forrest Wood Cup advancement opportunities and larger first-place awards. The season will again consist of three events in five divisions to keep travel costs low plus the no-entry-fee Costa FLW Series Championship to be held on Lake Cumberland in Burnside, Kentucky. The FLW Series offers pros and co-anglers the highest payback for the lowest cost to compete of any national circuit, and new for 2019, the FLW Series provides co-anglers a pathway to fish as a pro in the 2020 FLW Cup. The top two pros from each of the five FLW Series U.S. divisions and the top pro from the FLW Series International division along with the winning co-angler at the 2019 FLW Series Championship will advance to the 2020 FLW Cup, the world championship of bass fishing. An angler only has to beat 38 other pros from their division at the FLW Series Championship to punch their ticket to the Cup. The top five pros from each U.S. division in Angler of the Year standings also qualify to compete against the best anglers in the world in the 2020 FLW Tour, the world’s most competitive professional bass-fishing circuit. The FLW Series offers anglers the opportunity to fish close to home and pile up winnings as payouts scale in both depth and breadth with every 25 boats from a $90,000 top award and 40 places paid at 150 boats to a $110,000 top award and 60 places paid at a maximum field of 250 boats. Top co-angler awards scale from $35,000 to $37,500. First place pro and co-angler awards have increased $5,000 and $3,000, respectively, in each tournament for 2019. Entry fees have also increased slightly to $1,900 per tournament for pros and $650 per tournament for co-anglers. The top 40 pros and co-anglers who fish all three qualifiers in each U.S. division will advance to the no-entry-fee FLW Series Championship for a shot at winning $100,000, including a Ranger Z518L with a 200-horsepower outboard. The winning co-angler at the championship earns as much as $35,000, including a Ranger Z175 with a 115-horsepower outboard plus qualification to the 2020 FLW Cup and use of a Ranger Z520L following the championship through the FLW Cup. In addition to lucrative payouts and advancement opportunities, the FLW Series puts pros and co-anglers in the international spotlight with media coverage on FLWFishing.com and FLW’s social media outlets, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Each tournament features FLW Live weigh-in coverage, and beginning in 2019, the FLW Series Championship will also feature FLW Live on-the-water coverage, just like the FLW Tour. “FLW was founded on providing affordable, close-to-home tournaments for bass anglers,” said Costa FLW Series tournament director Mark McWha. “The 2019 FLW Series continues that tradition by providing pros and co-anglers with the highest payback for the lowest cost to compete of any national circuit along with international media coverage and the opportunity for pros and co-anglers to qualify for both the FLW Series Championship and FLW Cup. The FLW Series also serves as the primary qualifying circuit for anglers who aspire to fish the FLW Tour. We are looking forward to another incredible season” Complete rules can be found online at FLWFishing.com. Registration for the 2019 Costa FLW Series season is open for the top 40 pros and co-anglers from each division of the 2018 FLW Series, the top 45 boaters and co-anglers from each division of the 2018 Bass Fishing League (BFL), plus the winner of each 2018 BFL tournament. These anglers have until Nov. 5, 2018, to secure their priority entry. Ranger boat owners may register beginning Nov. 6, 2018. Anglers who fished a full division of the 2018 FLW Series or 2018 BFL can register beginning Nov. 7, 2018, followed by Triton and Nitro boat owners Nov. 8, 2018. TBF members can register Nov. 9, 2018. All other entries will be accepted beginning Nov. 12, 2018. Register by calling 270.252.1000 or online at FLWFishing.com. 2019 Costa FLW Series Payouts: 150 Boat Qualifying Event Payout: Place                                   Pro                          Ranger Cup                                      Co-angler                   Ranger Cup                                   $40,000          $50,000 Ranger Z518L                   $30,000 Ranger Z175                               $5,000 with 200 HP outboard                         with 115 HP outboard                                     15,500                                       5,000 3                                     12,000                                        4,000 4                                     10,000                                        3,500 5                                       9,000                                         3,000 6                                       8,000                                          2,500                                       7,000                                         2,000                                       6,000                                         1,750 9                                       5,000                                         1,500 10                                     4,000                                         1,250 11                                     3,750                                         1,000 12                                     3,500                                          1,000 13-15                                3,000                                         1,000 16-20                                3,000                                           800 21-25                                2,750                                           700 26-30                                2,500                                            675 31-40                                2,000                                             650 Big Bass: Day 1                 300                                              200 Big Bass: Day 2                 300                                              200 Entry Fee                       $1,900                                          $650 250 Boat Qualifying Event Payout: Place                                   Pro                          Ranger Cup                                      Co-angler                   Ranger Cup                                   $60,000          $50,000 Ranger Z518L                   $30,000 Ranger Z175                               $5,000    with 200 HP outboard          with 115 HP outboard       + $2,500                                     25,000                                      7,500 3                                     17,000                                     6,000 4                                     15,000                                      4,500 5                                     14,000                                      4,000 6                                     10,500                                      3,500                                       9,000                                      3,000                                       8,000                                       2,250 9                                       7,000                                     1,700 10                                     5,000                                     1,500 11                                     4,700                                     1,100 12                                     4,000                                     1,100 13-15                                3,500                                    1,100 16-20                                3,500                                      900 21-25                                2,850                                       800 26-30                                2,600                                       750 31-40                                2,200                                       700 41-45                                2,180                                       675 46-50                                2,140                                       665 51-55                                2,100                                        655 56-60                                2,000                                        650 Big Bass: Day 1                 300                                        200 Big Bass: Day 2                 300                                       200 Entry Fee                       $1,900                                     $650 *Payback is based on the number of paid entries for each tournament. Costa FLW Series Championship: Place                                   Pro                          Ranger Cup                                      Co-angler                   Ranger Cup                                   $50,000         $50,000 Ranger Z518L                   $30,000 Ranger Z175         $5,000       with 200 HP outboard       with 115 HP outboard                                     25,000                    $5,000                                12,500 3                                     20,000                   3,500                                10,000 4                                     15,000                   2,000                                  7,500 5                                     10,000                   1,000                                  5,000 6                                       8,000                    4,000                                       7,000                     3,500                                       6,000                    3,000 9                                       5,000                     2,500 10                                     4,500                     2,000 11-15                                4,000                   1,500 16-20                                3,500                    1,000 21-25                                3,000                    900 26-30                                2,500                       800 31-40                                2,000                     700 Top two pros from each U.S. Division and the top pro from the International Division at the FLW Series Championship advance to the FLW Cup. If the winning pro qualified through the BFL, he or she also advances to the FLW Cup. The winning co-angler at the FLW Series Championship advances to the FLW Cup to fish as a pro and receives use of a Ranger Z520L following the championship through the FLW Cup. *Payback is based on the number of paid entries in qualifying tournaments. For complete details and updated information, visit FLWFishing.com. For regular updates, photos, tournament news and more, follow the Costa FLW Series on FLW’s social media outlets at FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and Snapchat. About FLW FLW is the world’s largest tournament-fishing organization, providing anglers of all skill levels the opportunity to compete for millions in prize money in 2018 across five tournament circuits. Headquartered in Benton, Kentucky, with offices in Minneapolis, FLW and their partners conduct 286 bass-fishing tournaments annually around the world, including the United States, Canada, China, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa and Spain. FLW tournament fishing can be seen on the Emmy-nominated “FLW” television show, broadcast to more than 564 million households worldwide, while FLW Bass Fishing magazine delivers cutting-edge tips from top pros. For more information visit FLWFishing.com and follow FLW at FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and Snapchat.

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