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FishLab Introduces a New Big Bass Creature

NEW FishLab Slam-A-Mander Targets Big Bass for 2022. 

ONTARIO, Calif.: FishLab Tackle is becoming known for its high-quality baits and lifelike swimming actions and this is no exception with the introduction of the Slam-A-Mander for 2022. 

The new FishLab Slam-A-Mander is a heavy cover swimbait that was designed for targeting big bass. With a heavy tail kicking action, the Slam-A-Mander can be fished several ways, including a classic swimbait presentation on a swim jig, vibrating jig or weighted swimbait hook. The salamander like profile also excels on slower stop-and-go presentations. Texas rig, Carolina Rig or Tokyo Rig as well as many other presentations. 


“This bait has so much action,” states Mike Bennett, Product Development Manager. “We wanted to create a salamander style bait with a true swimming action to draw in huge strikes, and I think we accomplished that.” 

The FishLab Slam-A-Mander will be available in three sizes, 4 ½” (5pc), 6” (4pc) and 7” (3pc) sizes and will be available in all of the popular forage colors such as Watermelon, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin/Brown Bottom, Purple/Brown Bottom, Brown/Black Bottom, Black/Blue, Watermelon Candy and Albino. 

The Slam-A-Mander will have a retail price of $8.99. For more information, please visit www.fishlabtackle.com. 


At FishLab we learn by doing. The water is our lab and we love research! We know there’s a reason when a lure works, and that angling is part art and part science. It’s a puzzle where the pieces constantly change, sometimes in our favor… sometimes not. But, by applying decades of experience, bold creativity, a little patience and a lot of time on the water, we can better the odds of finding that successful formula. We know that making effective lures means understanding the target fish and the food they eat… and we do! FishLab lures are realistic, scientifically accurate, meticulously crafted, well made, and designed for one purpose… to catch fish!


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