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Fishing Tips for Fall Bass

Are you ready  to catch some bass this fall?

Can you junk fish? Not fishing junk but just use a different techniques for each different spot or cover. Below are some great options for the different scenarios you’ll encounter this fall.

As the scorching summer waters cooled the bass are moving from deep to shallow water in search of baitfish. While many early fall strategies may continue to work, catching quality fish may require slight tactical alterations.

We all recognize when late fall changes begin to occur. Leaves begin to change colors, a chilly breeze blows through the trees and the days gradually begin to shorten. As anglers, we must adapt to the changes happening in our environment. In the same way, bass are also transitioning to their own aquatic surroundings.

Choosing the right lures in during fall can make the difference between an incredible or mediocre day of fishing. Here are some of our lure suggestions to help catch more fish in late fall:

Lipless Crankbait:

In fall bass are hungry and ready to fill up on their favorite baitfish in preparation of the long winter. Because bass become increasingly aggressive, our favorite imitation bait is a tight wobbling, loud rattling, lipless crankbait. You can also utilize the lipless crank as a search bait when on the prowl for schools of active bass

Tip: Toss your lipless crank into submerged grass, rip it out, and let it fall back in. Watch the fish go absolutely bonkers as they reaction strike! The Savage Gear Fat Vibe has a unique sound and vibration well suited to imitate fall bait fish or when you’re looking for a subtle presentation the TPE Soft Vibe is a great choice.


Time has proven that the jig has been deadly on late fall bass. Similar to the lipless crankbait, the jig gives the angler an alternative presentation of baitfish in solitude. This versatile bait can be used to target fish sitting on the bottom as well as in the shallows. Also, in contrary to popular belief, the jig can imitate much more than just a crawfish. You can pair it with the trailer of your choice to create a swim jig, flipping jig, or skipping jig – imitating various types of forage.


For lakes that have shad, imitating the forage to the best of your ability is the key to getting fish on the boat. One of the most powerful baits in your arsenal is the spinnerbait. Why? Particularly because it can easily cover a large area of water in a short period of time. Also, depending on the weight and bass feeding behavior, the spinnerbait can be used to fish higher in the water column or a little bit deeper.

Tip: toss your bait past cover and burn it all home with sporadic pauses. The spinnerbait is known to trigger brutal ambush strikes and when you feel that tug on the pause, you’ll be shouting in excitement. Check out the Savage Gear TI-Flex Spinnerbait with it’s tandem trailer extra action blades.


Jerk, Jerk, Jerk, BOOM! We all love the feeling of a heavy thump seconds after we slash our bait across the water. The respected jerkbait is an ideal pick for late fall fishing. The erratic twitch, twitch, pause cadence of a jerkbait mimics a dying shad or minnow and can trigger big bites from opportunistic fish that are unwilling to commit to a steady retrieve on a crankbait or spinnerbait. Secondly, the jerkbait is a great way to catch the eye of schooling bass on the prowl for their next meal.

Good luck!

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