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Everything You Need To Know About Night-Fishing Lights

Night fishing is an exciting experience for many anglers. You can catch more fish between dawn and dusk. Many benefits come with night fishing like reduced boat traffic, you can use various lure and catch different types of fish.

While the whole experience can be fun, it is great to have some strategies for a successful night fishing experience. You have to consider the type of night fishing light you choose for your fishing trip. I will take you through everything you need to know about night fishing lights.

Types of night fishing lights

There are two primary types of fishing lights. They include submersible and floating fishing lights. Both types of fishing lights attract fish and you can choose to use them separately or both. Let us check these two types of lights in detail.

  • Floating lights

These are energy-efficient LED night fishing lights that are widely used by many anglers today. Apart from white lights, green lights are gaining in popularity. Some of these lights include a molded handle that makes them usable as camp lights, spotlights, and boat lights. They also have insulated cords and safety fuses for safety.

  • Submersible lights

Submersible lights are used beneath the surface and they light up a great depth. Using these lights solves the problem of floating lights where insects draw along the light. Today, you can find battery-powered fluorescent and LED both in green and white lights.

Night Fishing Lights Buying Guide

If you want successful night fishing, choosing the right night light is important. I have gathered some essential tips here that will help you pick a suitable night light for fishing.

  • Brightness and lumens

You should check the lumen rating of the light before purchasing. This determines how visible the bulb emits lights. It is advisable to buy a bulb with higher lumen ratings. Moreover, the number of lumens you choose is based on where you intend to use the light.

When it comes to brightness, you should know that lights travel different on the water than on land. Light doesn’t travel well in water through air. So, the brightness of your night light should be based on how clear the water is, whether you need to attach a hook, and the amount of fish you want to catch.

  • Weight

You should also consider the weight of the night fishing headlamp. Since you are carrying your night fishing essentials, you should always pack light. Consider a quality yet lightweight night light to make moving around easy. You also don’t want to choose a night fishing light that takes up more storage space.

  • Waterproof

Of course, you need s waterproof headlamp for fishing. When you are on the waters, it is hard to avoid your fishing light getting into contact with water. Therefore, always consider waterproof flashlights for fishing that can handle the outdoor environment. You can find bait lights that are waterproof up to 2100 feet under the water.

  • Type

What type of night fishing light do you want to get? I mentioned above that you can choose either floating or submersible night fishing lights. Underwater fishing lights also, come in different categories like uncovered bulbs, LED, and covered bulbs. In addition, you can choose other types of night fishing lights that include the following:

Headlamp- This type of night fishing headlamp keeps your hands free. You can do other activities like navigation or unload your boat while still getting proper illumination if you have a headlamp for fishing.

Hands-free boat lights- These lights also keep your hands free when fishing at night. They provide powerful lighting compared to the headlamp and they maintain long battery life.

Colorful lights- Some anglers use colorful lights to attract fish. Using green light attracts baitfish and bugs and this attracts predator fish to your fishing lines. The best fishing lights for attracting fish are floating and submersible lights.

Installed boat lights- If you don’t find the light of the flashlight for night fishing and night fishing headlamp, you can consider installing boat lights. Ensure that the lights you choose are ANSI rated ad you can submerge them in water for about 30 minutes.

Night Fishing Tips

Apart from equipping yourself with a quality night fishing light, you should also know essential night fishing tips. They include:

  • Know the weather

Don’t head out for night fishing if you don’t have any information regarding the weather. Always know the current weather and monitor the radar before you head to the waters. This gives you the chance to adjust your lights depending on the current weather.

  • Pack light

This is a general rule for any outdoor activity. Select the right items that you actually need when fishing. Don’t carry unnecessary items that take much space and you don’t need them for your fishing trip. Countercheck your list during the day to ensure that you carry the most suitable night fishing lights.

  • Carry a fish finder

You should not depend on your night fishing lights entirely. It is crucial to get a fish finder that can help you greatly when fishing.

  • Good lighting

Proper light is crucial for any night fishing activity. You need to mount light at the front and the back of your boat and still have other night-lights. Choose an adjustable headlight to enhance your lighting.

  • Right lures

Chose the right lures if you want your night fishing trip to be successful. The type of lures you choose depends on the type of fish. There are different types of lures for muskies, walleye, and bass.


Night fishing is not complete if you do not have the best headlamp for fishing. These fishing headlamps are essential in attracting fish and you can end up with a huge catch. If you are thinking about engaging in bight fishing, I hope you have the right tips to get started. We have covered different types of night fishing lights you can choose from and the right selection criteria. I hope with the information you will choose the right night fishing light to make your experience exhilarating.

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