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Essential Tips for Jet Ski Fishing

Fishing remains an incredibly popular sport and pastime today. According to Statista, around 50 million people were fishing in one capacity or another during 2020. Some reports put fishing as the second most popular activity that can be enjoyed outdoors only after jogging and running.

 There are still many places in the world where fishing is a daily activity done to provide food for a family or to sell for a living. This can be seen along rivers throughout Southeast Asia and other regions. When you consider this and how many ways there are to enjoy this pastime it is no wonder that fishing continues to thrive in all capacities

 One way to enjoy fishing that is becoming increasingly popular is by using a jet ski to fish. If you are interested in trying out this method then you can find a few tips here to help you along. 

What is jet ski fishing?

Normally you would fish from land, pier, jetty, or a boat but other methods have evolved such as the use of kayaks. Jet skis or PWCs are the latest trends to hit fishing and it simply involves utilizing a jet ski to fish from.

 To start using a jet ski to fish you will need to take a boating license course for your state but once you have this you will discover there are many advantages to jet ski fishing. 

What advantages are there to jet ski fishing?

Jet skis can cover water much faster than by using a kayak and they can allow you to fish in areas that you obviously couldn’t reach if you were land-based.

 Here are a few other advantages to jet ski fishing:

 Jet skis are extremely maneuverable and can get into tricky places

  • They are cheaper than investing in a fishing boat
  • They are far easier to store than a boat and cost less
  • They are quick! Meaning you can move from one spot to another easily
  • Great transport so you can use them to reach and set up a camping site for a fishing trip
  • They are easy to prep and take a lot less effort than a boat 

What do you need to know about starting to jet ski fish?

There are some things to contemplate before you start jet ski fishing. First, you will need to either rent or purchase your own jet ski so this will be your biggest investment. Then you will need a license as mentioned already, and of course, you will need to buy the correct fishing gear for a jet ski.

 Here are some tips for kitting out your jet ski for a successful fishing trip.

Setting your jet ski up with the correct fishing rig

Before you embark on your first fishing trip you will need to make adjustments to your jet ski. This means turning it into a fishing platform and you will need a rig.

 There are four main fishing rigs. Here is a brief explanation of each of them:

Chrome tube

As a beginner, you may want to leave this one for later as it is the most expensive and elaborate. To fully rig your jet ski with this method will mean making physical changes to the PWC and it can cost a lot more than the other methods. This way of rigging out your jet ski involves adding chrome tubing to create rod holders and space for coolers and other equipment. 


A fiberglass pontoon is attached to the jet ski allowing for storage space for equipment. This has the bonus of making the PWC almost unsinkable. 

Rear basket system

This method involves attaching a tray to the rear of the jet ski. There are no physical modifications to the jet ski so therefore no damage. The tray mechanism allows for rod holders, coolers and other accessories to be brought along. 

PWC bracket system

For a beginner, this may be the one you want to start with. It simply requires one bracket at the rear of the jet ski and another on the steering column. You won’t be able to carry piles of equipment but it is a good cheap starting point. 

Equipment to buy for jet ski fishing

There are things to consider such as knowing the right way to anchor your jet ski but one other area you must understand is what equipment to buy.

Here is a list of tips for accessories you may want to consider buying:
  • Dry bag
  • GPS
  • Jet ski fuel rack
  • Cooler
  • Rescue board
  • Paddle
  • Fishfinder
  • Rod holders

 There are many more accessories you might want to consider including a good canopy but this should be enough for a good setup and certainly enough to get started with. 


To have a successful jet ski fishing trip you will need to know what gear to buy if you are a beginner, gain a license, choose the right fishing rig and the best fishing spot.

 The joy of jet ski fishing is that even if you are having a bad day you can move on to another spot quickly and hopefully land a good catch.

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