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Digital Camera Media Cards

Memory cards, and media

The two best things to do when looking for the best cards for your camera is to :

  1. Check which cards are advised by the manufacturer of your camera
  2. Also purchase cards from authorized retailers.

There a major reasons for both of these rules;1 being obvious, but why bother?

Camera manufacturers spend hundreds of hours in R&D testing cards. That means if say Nikon says to get a SDXC card from Lexar, Delkin, or Sandisk, those cards have been thoroughly tested and give the best performance as it was intended. Usually it’s as easy as going to a manufacturers website for you camera body and looking under recommended media; if anyone would know whats best it’s the people putting your camera together.

The second rule which is less obvious is the fact that counterfeit cards exist in the market. Sandisk alone estimates around a 3rd of “their” cards in the market are counterfeit knockoffs. It might not sound like a big deal but it can lead to slow write/read speeds and even data corruption or loss. If the price is too good to be true, figure the card is not a real authorized product 

Besides new cards it’s hard to tell what cards specs actually translate too for you in the field, here is a breakdown

Card Capacity:

SDHC cards come in sizes from 4GB to 32GB (HC Means High Capacity)

SDXC cards will be between 64GB to 2TB (XC means extreme Capacity)

Maximum Read Speed: 

The top speed that data can be transferred from the card to a computer. The higher the read speed, the less wait time (depending on the card reader USB3 is much faster than USB2)

Maximum Write Speed: 

The top speed that data can be written to the card. The higher the write speed, the more you can capture in a certain amount of time (depending on the cameras buffer)

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