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Innovative Design Makes it Easy to Reach and Entice Big Fish Holding up to 40 Feet Deep
The use of controversial “Long Lining” or “Strolling” techniques by pros competing in the recent BASS Elite Series tournament on Tennessee’s Douglas Lake has put the subject of getting down deep with crankbaits front and center. ABT’s new X-2 Countdown lets anglers get a plug deeper than ever before without all the controversy. The innovative design of ABT’s “Next Generation Series” Super Deep Diving Crankbait allows this revolutionary new lure to dive as deep as 40 feet using a traditional countdown cast-rip-pause and slow crank retrieve technique.

“No gimmicks or borderline illegal fishing methods are needed with the X-2 Countdown” says Allen Borden, president of ABT Lure Company and inventor of the super deep diver. “We have tested it extensively, and this unique bait is capable of reaching depths of 40 feet – or even deeper – without resorting to ‘strolling’ methods. Just cast, pause and crank, and the X-2 Countdown will get you down to where the big ones hang out.”

According to Borden, the innovative design and incredible action of ABT’s X-2 Countdown also sets this lure apart from ordinary crankbaits. “We’ve specially engineered this lure to dive incredibly deep with very little resistance, so angler strain and fatigue are greatly reduced,” he noted. “The X-2 Countdown comes in both a ‘Silent but Deadly’ and an ‘Ultra- Rattling’ sound chamber version that rings the dinner bell for opportunistic bass. Either version features our unique diving action that’s more subtle and realistic than anything else out there,” added Borden.

BASS Elite Series angler and ABT Pro Staffer Matt Greenblatt, who has been using the new X-2 Countdown on the tournament trail, is in awe of the lure’s capabilities and performance.  “It’s amazing how far you can get this crankbait to dive with minimal effort,” said Greenblatt. “During the recent Elite Series event on Douglas Lake, I was able to reach the deepest hot spots quicker than my competitors – without long-lining. As we move into prime cranking season, the ABT X-2 Countdown will be my secret weapon. I’m really looking forward to using it to access Kentucky Lake’s super deep ledges – that’s where the bigger fish will be holding.”

ABT’s X-2 Countdown is available in a variety of top-producing crankbait colors with life-like patterns and 3-D eyes that perfectly replicate the look and frantic swimming action of fleeing prey. Every X-2 is also equipped with super strong, laser-sharp hooks, for solid, secure hook-sets.

While the X-2 Countdown is unbeatable for accessing deep-water hot spots and drawing reaction strikes from oversized bass, it’s priced to fit the budget of any serious bass fisherman. The MSRP is just $9.99.


MODEL X-2 Countdown

LENGTH 2.75″

WEIGHT 7/8 oz

DIVE DEPTH 22′ – 40+

CLASS Slow Sink – approx. 6″ per sec.


(*Based on a 50-yard cast using a standard countdown technique on 10-pound-test fluorocarbon.)

For more information on the ABT X-2 Countdown Crankbait, or the complete lineup of high quality “Next Generation Series” ABT lures, visit: www.abtlures.com.

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