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Daiichi ProX Hooks: Shape, Strength, Sharpness

Browsing the isles at the 2021 ICAST fishing conversion in Orlando Florida the Bass Angler Magazine crew is proud to bring you an array of new fishing products from the bass fishing industry and beyond.

After working closely with pro angler Randy Howell from start to finish, Daiichi is set to release its new ProX hook to the bass market. The ProX lineup consists of five hook styles: dropshot, wacky Neko, wide round bend, extra strong offset worm, and wide gap. Beginning with the shape, Daiichi made small variations, such as reducing slightly the overall size of their dropshot and Neko hooks and widening gaps to increase hook-up ratios. Built from hi-carbon Japanese steel wire, the new ProX hook is extremely strong, reducing rolled hook points and bending. Lastly, Daiichi designed the hook point—a chemically sharpened forged needle point—for increased sharpness and easy penetration. The hooks were tested using light line and light rods and were still able to penetrate bone, even with easy hooksets. The ProX is finished with a low-flash coating to reduce visual distractions to fish.

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