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Controversial Striped Bass and Black Bass Petition Withdrawn

August 23, 2016 (Folsom, CA): Proponents of a move that would decrease the size limits and increase bag limits on striped bass and black bass have withdrawn a petition that was to be heard by the California Fish and Game Commission on Thursday, August 25th.

The Coalition for Sustainable Delta, a coalition of powerful interest groups representing business, builders, major water companies and agriculture were also lobbying the California State Legislature just days before withdrawing the petition.

Opponents of the petition included an impressive group of state and national sportfishing and outdoor organizations who wrote the commission on August 11, 2016, challenging the science of the misdirected petition (2016-001). In addition, several organizations launched a major letter campaign that generated thousands of opposition letters.

“California anglers have a voice in the political process, and they were heard loud and clear,” said Marko Mlikotin, the executive director of the California Sportfishing League. “There is a need to find real and meaningful solutions to California’s water shortage, however, using junk science to eviscerate Northern California fish populations in order to send more water to Southern California is not a sustainable solution.”

A coalition of sportfishing and outdoor recreation organizations opposing the petition include: California Sportfishing League, American Sportfishing Association, CCA-Cal, Coastside Fishing Club, Congressional Sportfishing Foundation, Water4Fishing.org, Fishing League Worldwide, Bass Conservation and the National Marine Manufacturing Association.

The California Sportfishing League (CSL) is a nonprofit coalition of fresh and saltwater anglers, and small business owners devoted to protecting access to recreational fishing. Recreational fishing contributes over $4.9 billion annually to California’s economy, a major of outdoor tourism and jobs.

The sportfishing coalition letter can also be found on the news section of www.SportfishingConservation.org or @CASportfishing

Contact: Marko Mlikotin

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