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Complete Your Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam with Exam Dumps, and More Sources!

Do you know what it takes to become a well-renowned Java SE 8 Programmer I? If you’re still uncertain of the answer, maybe you haven’t completed a specific Oracle assessment yet, which is exam 1Z0-808.

Test 1Z0-808 by Oracle is the way to earn the essential certification of the associate level and validate your Java SE 8 programming skills. It’s suitable for those with experience as a systems administrator, developer, and manager. But of course, attempting this badge entails a series of preparations and challenges.

So, to make your preparation voyage more manageable and fruitful, here’s a complete guide to follow, including a list of materials you can take advantage of.

Get to Know Exam Topics

Preparation to any exam always starts with familiarizing with the exam syllabus. And for 1Z0-808, it starts with the Java basics, covering the scale of variates, packages, features, and components. Then, you’ll be introduced to Java tasks such as operating various Java data types, inheritance and selected Java API classes as well as using operators and loop and decision constructs. The exam will also bring together responsibilities like managing arrays, handling exceptions, and working with methods and encapsulation. And lastly, you will have an idea of different Java situations like code fragments, sudden line breaks, missing import statements, directory path absence, and descriptive comments. All these must be fully understood so you’ll have a greater chance of passing the exam prepaway dumps .

Get Hold of Exam Entirety

Did you know that Oracle prepares a specific prep seminar to technically welcome you to your chosen certification exam? Avail of the exam prep seminar for 1Z0-808 that will introduce you to Java SE 8 Programmer I credential. This paid learning strategy will aid in building your skills through a collection of exclusive classroom, live virtual class, and on-demand learning.

Aside from the theoretical workshop, it’s very important to know the technical features of the exam. So, 1Z0-808 is designed to contain 70 items of multiple-choice that should be responded in 150 minutes. To pass the exam, you’ll need to have at least 65% of the total.

Make Use of Recommended Training Courses

To completely comprehend the topics mentioned, Oracle sets out an official list of exam materials you can use. Start with the training courses that are specifically designed to cover the exam objectives piece by piece. The Java SE 8 Fundamentals training, in particular, offers three formats, as well – training on-demand, classroom, and live virtual class. This course is intended for those with little to none Java programming background. With the help of this material, you will gain a solid foundation of Java programming to capitalize on throughout the professional career. There are other two training courses for this exam, in which you can get via Java Programming and Unlimited Product Learning Subscription.

  1. Gear Yourself Field Experience

Training courses are valuable – but not enough to pass the exam. Take on additional preparation by attaining exceptional hands-on experience and field training related to the Java SE 8 programming. Having a work background is definitely a plus factor in taking certification exams like these. It will make everything much easier by making you familiar with important concepts beforehand.

Don’t Miss Official Practice Tests

Once you’ve accomplished the official materials and you’ve got enough work experience, then you’re off to maximize another set of exam materials. Begin with the certified practice exams from Oracle via Kaplan IT training. These mock tests for 1Z0-808 are generated to provide you an idea of what the exam will look like. Plus, these will also improve your knowledge and skills so that you will be more than ready to take the exam.

Complete Your Learning with Exam Dumps

Exam dumps are surely the best way to cap off your exam preparation. Get yours from PrepAway and avail of their 1Z0-808 Premium Bundle at $24.99. This amazing learning package has everything you need for the test, from premium questions and answers to a training course and an extensive study tutorial. Their exam dumps are always the latest and most reliable files you can get. By using the most credible ETE Simulator, these excellent tests can be applied in an interactive setting that gives you exam experience, very similar to the real assessment.

Buy Exam Voucher

So, are you ready to take your exam 1Z0-808? If yes, then purchase your exam voucher and relax for the upcoming test! In case you get some apprehensions in taking the exam, don’t worry because the test voucher acts like a gift card. This means you have enough time to settle your thoughts before taking the exam. The coupon is valid within 6 months upon purchase. Once you’re ready to take the test, schedule it via Pearson VUE, the Oracle testing provider for their certification exams.

Check Your Email for Results

Upon completion of your test, you will receive a notification via email within 30 minutes. You can view the exam results in CertView. For new users, you need to create an account. And for those who already have an account, simply log in to your credentials. Then, click the “See My New Exam Result Now” and you will be taken to the results page.


Various exam materials like training courses, practice tests, and exam dumps are the key instruments in passing the exam 1Z0-808 by Oracle. These resources are exhaustively created to assist you all throughout the exam process. So, if you want to be successful on your first take, utilize this blog as a guide and you’ll be earning your OCA, Java SE 8 Programmer I credential in no time.

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