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Check out the SUPERNATO BEETLE from Molix

This is the “Supernato Beetle”, it is an idea of Mike “Ike” Iaconelli, Elite Pro Angler and Bassmaster Classic Champion.It is developed and designed in Italy. It’s a soft crawler ,top water, with a sinuous and seductive movement. The “supernato beetle” is exceptionally versatile and easy to use, it can be used in many fishing situations; whether in open waters or in more intricate covers. The natural action “paddle and splash” during the retrieval stimulates the aggressive behaviour of the predators.
MikeIaconelliThe compact shape, the interior arrangement of the weights, the trim and the appendices give to it  an effective and easy swimming action. The angle of the rod during the retrieval allows the angler to use this lure in different ways. It can be retrieved slowly from long distances helding the tip of the rod high; or it can be retrieved fast helding the tip of the rod low. The “stop” and the proper control of inertia of the fisherman are some of its winning features. Managing the Supernato with small taps on the rod can attract the attention of the predators, remaining inside the strike zone: it is indispensable if you are fishing behind covers and rocks. Grass, nymphs, trees and reed beds are the spots where the Beetle  is particularly effective for big Black Bass.It can be retrieved with jerks to create a strong appeal and a noise typical of poppers.
The weight is 5/8 oz, and it is made of a compound very soft but highly resistant at the same time.
It is equipped with a double and tough hook, which fits the profile of the body giving to the bait a great anti-stranding power. The hook is designed to handle even the large predators, as well as Black Bass, Snakeheads, Barramundi and Peacock Bass.

Molix Supernato Beetle

Weight: 5/8 Oz (17g)
Length: 3 in (7,5 cm)


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