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Changing the game for kayaks and small-boat anglers

By Will Doud-Martin, Associate Editor Bass Angler Magazine

Anyone who fishes from a kayak intimately understands the inherent challenges, not the least of which is covering water and efficiently dissecting an area. Even with hands-free pedal power, maintaining boat position in even the slightest of breezes or current can be challenging; the boats we fish from are light and easily manipulated by wind and water, often to our detriment. As a result, even simple tasks such as duplicating cast angles or quietly targeting bedding fish can sometimes be impossible without some sort of anchoring assistance.

When Power-Pole introduced the Micro Anchor, it changed the game for smaller watercraft. From lightweight aluminum boats to angling-specific stand-up paddleboards (SUPs); recreational paddlers to hardcore kayak anglers – the nearly-universal compatibility of the Micro shallow water anchoring system suddenly offered boundless new opportunities for outdoor boating enthusiasts on myriad levels. Seemingly overnight, maintaining shallow-water boat control for kayakers and others became a stark new reality.

Prior to the release of Power-Pole’s Micro Battery/Charger Combo, I was combining both my graphing unit and Micro Anchor to a single power source: a small 12-volt/12Ah sealed lead acid (AGM) battery. Therefore, due to a 12-volt’s compact design and somewhat limited capacity for power storage, I was running out of juice before my day was finished and often just as the fish were beginning to munch again at sundown. Powering my graph and constantly cycling through deployments of my Micro Anchor was cutting my days too short. And if you’re like me, preferring to camp for a weekend – sometimes at unimproved sites bereft of power sources for charging – this would create frustratingly truncated excursions.

With Power-Pole’s Micro Battery/Charger Combo these issues are no longer a concern.

Fully charged the unit can manage approximately 100 complete deployment cycles of the anchor spike. Even on tidal fisheries such as the California Delta, where anchoring can be essential to fishing efficiently, the Micro Battery can handle an entire weekend with power to spare. Having the confidence to deploy my Micro Anchor without hesitation, knowing that it won’t impact any other battery-powered accessories on my kayak, is quite reassuring.

Offered at the very reasonable price of $194.99, the Battery/Charger Combo is an extremely lightweight, easy-to-charge and simple-to-use accessory for any boater looking to maximize his or her Micro Anchor usage on the water. The battery charges in a matter of minutes – not hours. In addition to being virtually weightless, the Lithium-Ion battery is both water- and impact-resistant. The Battery Charger itself is compatible with Power-Pole’s C-Monster Advanced Control System. It features over/under charge protection, over-temperature protection, over-current protection, and discharge protection. The sum of these features equals affordable, quiet, user-friendly, efficient, and lightweight piece of mind.

If anchoring assistance for your small watercraft is something you’re in the market for, then look no further than Power-Pole’s Micro Anchor and Micro Anchor Battery/Charger Combo. With the ability to anchor simply, frequently, and quietly in place, the opportunities to elevate your fishing prowess will increase exponentially. And who wouldn’t want that?

Find your Power-Pole Micro Anchor and Micro Anchor Battery/Charger Combo at www.power-pole.com or www.tacklewarehouse.com.

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