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Campsite/Dock Gear – Easy Portable Trash Disposal

Trash-Ease for fish cleaningTrash-Ease is a conveniently portable trash bag holder that attaches to picnic tables or any similar flat surface, allowing users to have a stable, large trash receptacle anywhere they happen to be.   Great for a broad range of outdoor activities.   Simply attach it to a surface, attach any standard trash bag (13 gallon or 33 gallon size depending on version of Trash-Ease) to it and it is ready to use.  Made in the USA, the sturdy design of the Trash-Ease makes it durable enough to be taken and used everywhere on a daily basis, while its slim, lightweight and one-piece design allows it to be transported and stored easily in a closet, shelf, trunk, camper cubby or nearly any other similar storage location without the need for tools.  Each Trash-Ease comes packaged with 2 standard drawstring garbage bags in the same size as the model of Trash-Ease (comes in 13 gallon and 33 gallon versions).  No need to purchase special trash bags.  The powder coated and rubber dipped exterior protects against damage to surfaces where the Trash-Ease is attached.  $14.95 (13 gallon) – $17.95 (33 gallon), trash-ease.com

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