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Cal Coast Clip N Cull 2.0

Clip-N-Cull 2.0: the puncture-free culling system from Cal Coast Fishing
Protect your catch while you maximize weigh-in totals with the Clip-N-Cull system from Cal Coast Fishing, the most durable, most reliable, and easiest-to-use culling system ever created!

Cal Coast Fishing owner Dave Romanus set out to create a secure puncture-free cull system, friendly to fish and fisherman alike. Along the way, however, this tackle-systems innovator pretty much solved every other problem and annoyance of prior culling systems.

“Puncture clips often tear big gashes in the fish’s throat, and prior puncture-free culling systems drew repeated complaints that fish were coming off the clips,” notes Romanus, creator of premium tackle management innovations including The Bait Sack and Cali Clip. “I knew there had to be a better way. I set out to design a puncture-free clip that really works.”

His solution? The Clip-N-Cull premium puncture-free culling system!

Security meets simplicity
Clip-N-Cull’s durable POM plastic clips hold fish securely all day long; and they are easy to open and apply with a single hand.

To open, just straddle the clip with index and middle fingers positioned at the finger holds on the sides of the jaws. Then position the thumb on the center “C” arm and squeeze.

To engage the locking system, simply press the jaw arms together. Clip-N-Cull’s unique ratchet-tooth design lets you set the ideal holding strength, reducing harm and stress to fish.

“The ratchet-tooth design enables the clip to lock down on the fish’s jaw and hold firmly with just the right amount of pressure,” explains Romanus. “Tags hold securely whether fish are in the livewell or suspended from the cull beam. They minimize the chance of injury to the fish and maximize the angler’s chance of weighing in the heaviest possible legal limit.”

Crushproof color-coded cull tags
Clip-N-Cull features six color-coded culling tags made from soft but durable EVA foam.

Unlike the Styrofoam and hollow plastic float tags of other systems, Clip-N-Cull tags resist obliteration beneath slamming livewell lids and heavy feet.

No rusty chains, no livewell stains
Chain tag cords are an annoyance, at best. Ever prone to rusting, they are the bane of boat owners and pose health hazards to fish and fishermen.

But Clip-N-Cull makes tangled metal chains and livewell rust stains things of the past! The only metal components in Clip-N-Cull cords are the tiny aluminum crimps at the end of each connection.

Tangle-free 10-inch cables of 150-pound test monofilament are encased in silicone surgical tubing for easy separation and comfortable handling. Each Clip-N-Cull clamshell package contains a water-resistant pouch with mesh back for convenient drain-and-dry storage.
Note: Cull beam is not included. The Clip-N-Cull system was designed to work with standard cull beams. Cal Coast Fishing has its own cull beam the Money Beam.

A puncture-free future
Expect puncture-free cull systems to factor into the next wave of conservation practice. Tournament organizations continuously pursue better tools and procedures to protect fish from mishandling and unnecessary injury. State regulatory agencies, too, are demanding safer fish-handling measures.

Bass fishermen caught a preview of coming decrees at the Bassmaster Elite event on the Potomac River this past August where the Maryland Department of Natural Resources made non-penetrating culling devices a requirement for the tournament permit.

Major tournament organizations, including B.A.S.S., are reviewing proposals to phase in puncture-free cull system as part of tournament rules. Several states will soon issue their own puncture-free cull system regulations.

The fisherman’s friend
Coupled with proper culling practice, the Clip-N-Cull system is an insurance tool, protecting tournament anglers from nightmarish errors such as losing track of the number of fish in the livewell or culling the wrong keeper.

Yet Clip-N-Cull is a convenient and handy tool for any angler committed to releasing healthy fish and maintaining legal fish limits.

Let Cal Coast Fishing help manage your tackle and manage your fish!

MSRP: $49.99

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