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The award winning BBZ-1 Rat family from Spro is adding two new sizes to it’s line up.

The Original BBZ-1 Rat measured in at 5 ½” and weighted 2oz. The SPRO BBZ-1 Rat 40 Jr, is 4” long, weights in at 1oz., and comes rigged with 2- #3 Gamakatsu sticky sharp treble hooks. Also added to the lineup is a BBZ-1 Rat 30 Baby. This bait is 3.25” long, weights in at 1/2oz., and comes equipped with 2-#6 Gamakatsu sticky sharp treble hooks.

The action of the BBZ-1 Rat will translate through all 3 sizes, you can walk the dog with this bait, and when feeding the bait slack line during your retrieve you can get the bait to turn 180 degrees on its self on the pause. You can also fish the the BBZ-1 Rat as a wake bait on the surface with a slow steady retrieve.

Looking at these additions to the BBZ-1-Rat family these two smaller sized baits are cloans of the original award winning BBZ-1-Rat from the nose of the bait all the way down to the replaceable segmented tail. All three baits, fish and have the same fish catching action.

Based in Kennesaw, Georgia, SPRO Corp. distributes products to all of North America, and distributes Gamakatsu Hooks to areas east of the Mississippi. SPRO is the market leader in premium lures, hooks, bucktail jigs, and swivels.

For more information about all the SPRO products check out: www.spro.com

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