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Author : Mark

Bass Fishing Secrets – Just For You

Cooler temperatures can be found within the currents- that is your clue. No body of water is completely still and this is a fact that you have to put to use while bass fishing. Bass loves the current because the water here are comparatively cooler and also baitfish team up in this area. When you see baitfish on the surface...


NEW ABT X-2 COUNTDOWN GOES WHERE NO OTHER DEEP-DIVING CRANKBAIT HAS GONE BEFORE Innovative Design Makes it Easy to Reach and Entice Big Fish Holding up to 40 Feet Deep The use of controversial “Long Lining” or “Strolling” techniques by pros competing in the recent BASS Elite Series tournament on......

Wacky Saddle

Fred Ward says: "Man when I was guiding in Mexico, I could have saved hundreds of dollars if I’d have had these o rings, and caught a lot more fish."...

Earbones Accurately Record a Fish’s Life Travels

The study provides a reliable method that compliments traditional fish tracking techniques and may allow biologists to investigate non-native species invasions, identify important populations, and quantify life histories of freshwater fishes in river networks. The article, "Estimating westslope cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi) movements in a river network using strontium isoscapes," can be viewed online....

Cold Water Confidence

Cold water bass fishing is pointed bass fishing. It’s time consuming, and requires extraordinary patience and confidence. One positive aspect of locating bass in cold water is that once an angler has located fish, he can exploit them for long periods....